Second Life: Firestorm Viewer Week 11

Firestorm Logo

Firestorm Logo

Firestorm updated sometime after I posted this… 

See: Firestorm Update

I was expecting the Firestorm Viewer to update the 16th. That expectation came from a comment at the Third Party Developers’ meeting. Obviously that hasn’t happened.

I am seeing the wiki updating. Lots of new entries for version 4.7.7-48706. This is typical pre-release updating of the wiki. So, release is eminent. I doubt we will see it today or before Monday. The team doesn’t like to release a new viewer before the weekend. If something unforeseen goes wrong and people have to work on the weekend to fix it, that makes for bad juju.

This version of the Firestorm viewer caught up with the Linden Lab viewer 4.0.1. Of course the day Firestorm releases the Lab released and is now pushing 4.0.2 as their main viewer.

If you are thinking FS is behind again… well sort of, but probably not as much as one might think. Some fixes from the Firestorm team go into the Linden viewer, or at least inspire Linden fixes. Of course those FS Team fixes are already in Firestorm. So, it is hard to say who is a head, on par, behind…

Use the viewers and see which ones work best.

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