Second Life: New Promo Video

I see there is a new promo video out for Second Life…

Doesn’t really do it for me… but, it is something.

2 thoughts on “Second Life: New Promo Video

  1. Is it just me or they should have covered more popular places that have more than 15 avatars such as Franks, Muddys etc. ? Just to show perhaps that SL still has people in it?

    • That might be a good idea…

      You may have noticed that once a region has over 25 people in it, it often drops of ‘What’s Hot’ listings. They do that because the regions quickly fill up and then people can’t TP in making for a frustrating listing.

      I am also seeing more people with good machines complaining about low FPS (single digit) in crowded places. I thought it was just me and my older machine.

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