Second Life News Week 9


Today, Tuesday, we are getting a roll to the main channel. This updates is made up of a crash fix and minor ‘improvements’.

.✦ Nei Miei Pensieri ✦.

=”.✦ Nei Miei Pensieri ✦

We do not yet know what is happening with RC channels. They are marked TBD – To Be Decided. We might or might not have a roll out to the RC channels tomorrow, Wednesday. 


The main viewer is still version 4.0.1-310054. That probably won’t change this week.

The RC Viewers

Second Life HTTP update Viewer version – The HTTP parts are holding this one back. But, Friday at the Third Party Dev’s meeting we heard it is probably fixed and we’ll see it update this week. 

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This viewer updated 2/26. It is referred to in some places as the ‘Links’ viewer. The Lindens say the fixes are mostly to do with:

  • memory leaks
  • crashes
  • UI bugs
  • permissions bugs
  • importer bugs
  • duplicated calling cards – my emphasis
  • visual muting
  • autopilot
  • and more…

Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – This viewer will likely update this week too. The hold up, AFAIK, is in the number calculated for ACI, Avatar Complexity Information. The Lindens are not yet happy with how that value is calculated.

Project Viewers

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – This viewer will likely also update this week. The update is likely to have the final version of the Project Bento skeleton. We will find out more at the Project Bento user group meeting Thursday.

Auroramagic Win 120: Ultrawhimsical part 3

Auroramagic Win 120: Ultrawhimsical part 3

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – The lonely, neglected viewer… Oz says it is getting some attention and some bug is being fixed. We should see an update soon…

With this viewer “soon” has been over a year.


Work is proceeding on a number of fronts. While the Lindens are seriously talking with us about Project Bento we aren’t hearing much about other projects. But, Oz Linden’s nature and way of doing things is becoming more apparent. We have more history with him now. He seems to do a better job of listening to and understanding the user-base and probably staff than other managers I seen. We are getting more of the things user want that actually improve Second Life.

One thing we are hearing rumors of is a new interface for outfits… Visual Outfits….

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