Black Desert Start Up

As of February 28 UTC 08:00 Pre-Order Packages can be downloaded. Today I downloaded mine, at least started. The first download is about 49MB. That bootstraps to a 32GB download.

Black Desert Login

Black Desert Login

My router is pegged to max traffic most of the time, but few collisions. My 50-70mb (not MB) connection is running at only 1-5mb/sec for this connection. So, it looks like their server is busy and this is going to take about 4 hours. 

It looks like parts of Black Desert will open at different times:

  • Conqueror’s Feb 28 @ 08:00 UTC
  • Explorer’s Mar 1 @ 08:00 UTC
  • Traveler’s Mar 2 @ 08:00 UTC
  • Official Launch Mar 3 @ 12:00 UTC

I have the Explorer’s package. Whatever that means…

WARNING: Some bad language in video… This video below gives you a good idea what Black Desert is about. DocGotGame is calling it a sandbox game. It isn’t a sandbox in the sense SL’ers would think. But, that is the basic idea.

If you downloaded the character creator and installed it you can play with it while the main game downloads. If you didn’t INSTALL it, don’t try while you are downloading. It downloads a big file. That will slow your main download. I suspect the character creator is in the main download too. So, no point slowing things down for something you’ll toss once you have the main game.

I used the video below in a previous article. See: Black Desert Coming Sooner. I have a shorter video below this one.

I think it looks interesting. So, I am looking forward to trying it out.

I’ll be back with more as I get to play.

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