Second Life Sex Debate Devolves

Second Life has been banned from Twitch, surely you have heard. Motherboard, a tech reporting blog, has an article about that banning that features comments from Wagner James Au (Hamlet Au) of New World Notes. See: Second Life Is Banned From Twitch Because Cocks Can Happen at Any Moment.

The article is accurate enough based on what I know and can find. But, that has not stopped some from placing blame on Hamlet for what various reporters are doing to capture readers.

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Over the years I have found Drax to be a very talented but emotional supporter of Second Life. He has done an amazing job of finding the high points of Second Life an reporting on them. His ability to portray the good side of Second Life and the people that use SL to positive effect surpasses all others. (Please notice the period) 

Drax excels at being able to put things in an emotional context people can relate to. He does a far better job of that than I can. I am a skeptic, I want evidence, I want justice, and a rational balance for most everything and I think that shows in my writing and comments in various places. It is debatable whether that is a fault of mine or a positive ability.

I detest vigilantism because it tends to be more emotional than just. Plus there are those that use emotions to forward their agenda. Politicians know they can stampede a significant number of people and achieve their goals. So, I never know if someone skilled at emotional manipulation is believing what they say because they are in it or if they are just working the crowd. I do know, either way, it can draw out the haters.

Read the Motherboard article and find anything that Hamlet said that is not true. I play in SL. I know what he is apparently telling Motherboard’s contributor, Emanuel Maiberg, is accurate. At least the parts Emanuel quoted.

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Gianna seems to be a good example of someone projecting. Those that follow Hamlet and have no personal axe to grind understand Hamlet maintains a relationship with current and past Lindens. He isn’t in the smear business. But, Gianna certainly smeared Hamlet. I wonder if she even realized she was exhibiting the behavior she was condemning?

I bring this up because American society is moving toward eliminating free speech. I see this as another example of people deciding that if you cannot support their agenda then you should keep quite.

There seems to be more people trying to clean up Second Life’s image by removing coverage of sex in SL. I think that is a consequence of the political movement to eliminate, or at least severally restrict, free speech. Telling people they are causing problems by talking about issues is so common place it just seems natural to do the same. No one solves a problem be being silent about it.

Of course a person can make things worse by the Alinsky behavior of attacking those that do talk about a problem and attempt to shame them rather than actually discuss the issue and real causes.

I do try to keep things in perspective. Canary Beck has shifted my thinking toward trying to get people to grow mature ideas about sex, especially in the gaming arena. But, hiding the problem and attempting to shame those talking about issues is a tactic of dictators that is infiltrating mainstream thought and behavior.

It will be interesting to see what Canary contributes to New World Notes. (reference)

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  1. Because of little fuckwitz’s like this Hamlet Au i am no longer allowed to stream Second Life and therefor, features, updates or generally stuff i want to show. Worse, my account was surprisingly banned once for a week already for “Streaming Second Life” pretty much shortly before they officially rolled out these lists. How f—–g stupid is this guy, what is he even trying to achieve and why? Why is he destroying potential audience like that? I am a really emotional and sometimes damn hate filled guy but i can not understand in any way what this guy must feel in his broken little world, most likely where he sees Second Life burning in hell, i can only explain this behavior with personal hate against Second Life but the question is how much do you have to hate something to go so far and how broken must your mind be to even think anything like that?

    I hope this guy burns in hell forever. May his possibly non existent soul be damned to suck the hellish d———–s he is seemingly constantly trying to show to the media to prove his ill thoughts.

    • How do you figure his telling the truth makes it his fault you can’t stream? Especially as you were already banned for what you were streaming?

      Have you considered you and what you were streaming were more the cause than what Hamlet is telling a reporter/blogger?

    • Niran, did you heard about ? if you haven’t, i think you would like it.
      * Possibility of enable the channel to +18 audience only.
      * Better quality.
      * Three seconds delay.
      * New fancy shiny techy fashionable UI 🙂

      Tiny community for now tho, such a waste. Anyways, not that you get many people watching in twitch either unless you have many followers.

  2. It’s not really fair to blame Hamlet for this. I remember reading at least a couple of months ago that SL users were getting banned for Streaming from Twitch and that there was even an official response from Twitch to someones query that it was because they don’t allow adult content to be streamed ..even if it’s inadvertently.
    There are several other streaming solutions Nirvan and others could use.

    • The reply was to Iris at New World Notes. At that time Twitch weren’t advertising the fact that they were prohibiting Second Life. The person whom raised the issue in the comments on another New World Notes article, had been scripting.

  3. I’m not sure the article is accurate, youTube do not allow extreme sexual content for a start.

    The whole idea that because a virtual cock may appear, that’s enough to prohibit Second Life is absurd for many reasons, the main glaring one is that someone could pull out a real cock on Twitch if they so wanted to.

    There are also many screenshots of Twitch with girls in situations which suggest the focus is not on the streaming game.

    Twitch are being totally hypocritical over this and Hamlet is really not helping at all, here with his schlong comments.

  4. What does any of this have to do with free speech? Part of free speech is the ability of others to criticize what you have to say. Another part of free speech is for people to stop paying attention to the speaker (as in stop reading their blog). While I don’t plan to stop reading Hamlet’s blog (NWN) others very well might. I also don’t plan to stop criticizing him when he’s hypocritical. And yes, I’m saying Hamlet is not a journalist, he’s a blogger.

    To be clear: Criticism is not censoring free speech. Criticism is free speech.
    Your right to speak your mind doesn’t negate my or Drax’s right to speak ours.

    If Drax were a government official who used his position to force Hamlet to not state opinions Drax disagreed with, that would be censorship and an attack on free speech.

    • You’re accurate.

      But, it is common now for people to call on people to stop talking about issues and complain about it when they do and get into telling them to stop. I see it as a growing tenancy toward fascist thinking. They don’t attack the issues. They attack and try to shame the messenger.

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