Second Life Viewers Week 43

~Nice to meet you~

~Nice to meet you~

This week there are two updates from the Lab:

RC Second Life Notifications Viewer version – This is the one with changes in how notices are handled. Earlier I was wondering if the server change running on the RC Channels was related. No hard information, just speculation that there is probably a connection. 

RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – This is the version that has the ability to save sets of graphics settings and easily switch between them. It also has the Avatar Complexity Information features.

From Third Parties:

Black Dragon Viewer – Update “Get Chromed” – NiranV updated the viewer to use the new Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).

UKanDo 3.8.5 Release – This is a third party viewer I have yet to try. Inara covers it. It appears this update adds the 90+ fixes the Lab released in a recent viewer maintenance update.

If you have a texture thrashing problem, try the viewer. You can adjust the graphics memory to be used. See their instructions for how to set the memory to be used.

CoolVLViewer- – Updated 2015-10-17.

Firestorm – Expect the next release about mid November.

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