Second Life News 2014-44


The Deploys of Week post is up. The big news is CDN.

Oops! Don't Panic 2014

Oops! Don’t Panic 2014


The Content Delivery Network upgrade will roll to the main channel, the entire grid, this week. That will be happening Tuesday morning.

RC Channels

All three RC channels will get the same maintenance package. The detailed release notes are not out yet. All the Deploys post says is there are ‘some improvements’. We’ll probably see more information coming out tomorrow (Tuesday).

Snack Channel

The Snack channel is a small pre-test RC channel. It is used when the Lindens want to start out with a very small sample for testing. It was used for the initial testing of CDN. It is no longer needed and the regions in the Snack channel will be rolled back into the channels they were previously in and the Snack channel will disappear until it is next needed.


Nothing has changed since Friday.

The main viewer is 3.7.18-295539 – This viewer jumped over 3.7.17 to combine a security fix for SSL (the encryption system the viewer uses to talk to the SL servers) with the new login screen.

RC Viewers

I covered the updates currently being distributed in: Second Life News 2014-43 #2.

Viewer Managed MP

We got a new page in the wiki as they prepare to bring VMMP (Viewer Managed Market Place) out. This will be the page to watch at VMMP rolls forward.

See: Linden Lab Official: Viewer Managed Marketplace FAQ. For now the only text it has is an interesting copyright restriction.

Blender Making Viewports Faster

Blender Nation has a link to a 4 minutes video purporting to tell us how to make our viewports in Blender much faster. The video has a horrible audio track and is barely understandable. Save yourself watch and listening to the video. The trick is below the video.

The trick is to enable VBO… In the top menu, File->User Preferences->System (tab). In the middle column enable VBO’s.

Firestorm Party

Each year the Firestorm people throw a Halloween Party. This year is no exception. They have announced the party on the Firestorm Viewer site; Firestorm Halloween Party 2014!

As has become tradition for us here at Firestorm, we will once again be hosting our annual Halloween party on Friday, October 31st.

Everyone is welcome! Party starts at 1pm SLT and will rock long into the night with Ed Merryman spinning the tunes and taking requests!

Costumes are highly encouraged!


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