Second Life News 2014-42 #2

Not much new from the Lindens today.


As planned the main channel did not get a roll out. There were no packages on the RC channels, so there was nothing to roll out.


RC Channels

This Wednesday the RC channels a got a new package.

Blue Steel and Snack are now both running the CDN (Content Delivery Network) change. This adds a good number of regions to the test group. I have a Blue Steel region list at the end of the article.

Le Tigre and Magnum got a package with crash fix and a back end improvement in the Abuse Reporting pipeline. 

RC Viewers

Maestro Linden seldom talks about viewers. But, he did point out there is the latest HTTP Viewer version available in Alternate Viewers. This is the RC Viewer that uses the HTTP Pipelining features. See Alternate Viewers to get a copy.

Using this viewer within the new CDN regions should provide a much improved experience. However, there are some people reporting issues with regions in the Snack channel. There are some things that are faster and apparently some that are slower in the Snack regions. The Lindens are looking to see if there is a problem CDN or with the regions.

One of the byproducts of CDN is we may be able to have more avatars in a region. Now when there is a load of avatars in the region the servers would be sending everyone’s textures to everyone. CDN will be doing that. That leave server capacity available to keep everyone updated on avatar movement and other changes.

This viewer is probably going to be the next viewer promoted to the default viewer. Plus for now it is the only RC Viewer in the candidate list. Maestro says it is looking like it will be promoted soon. That usually means no big bugs and low crash rates.


The HTTP Viewer also uses the new pipeline for fetching inventory. I understand this really only affects the time it takes for the list to load. If you read Henri B’s comment in an earlier post you’ll see he is saying it is not so much the pipeline helping inventory as it is the update of the cURL library, a security connection library. And something that was updated as part of the HTTP pipeline work.

Second Life Wiki – Still Down

The SL Wiki is still read only. The problem has yet to be resolved. So, those of us that edit and add to the wiki… aren’t.

Date Born Bug

In an apparently very limited scenario you can get unreliable information for the date an avatar was born.

There’s an LSL function which returns the date an avatar was ‘born’. It has been found that for a certain account, you get inconsistent DATA_BORN results. In some cases the date will be off by 1-day. One region can return a different value for the same account than another region.

The Lindens see it as possibly a time zone thing, but they have yet to find the problem. If it is, we may see the problem disappear after the time change (Daylight Savings) in the USA November 1.

The region list is on the next page. 

2 thoughts on “Second Life News 2014-42 #2

  1. You misread me: the inventory system is *not* using pipelining in the new viewer-drano branch; it is however using the llcorehttp library, which is a super-layer for libcurl and implements keep-alives, auto-retries, etc (so it’s still a significant improvement in itself).

    The speed increase is mainly due to the relaxing of a hard-coded bandwidth limitation (0.5s delay between each bunched HTTP requests for background inventory fetches, which is now lowered to 0.05s), which dates back from the HTTP inventory implementation in v2 viewers and for which LL apparently lost track about the motivation behind it (but I can easily guess it was to avoid loading too much the inventory server database and make the load related with the HTTP fetches similar to the one imposed by UDP fetches).

    Pipelining, from Monty’s own comment in viewer-drano, cannot be used with inventory fetches (due to a libcurl limitation).

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