Second Life News 2014-37


We knew this story last Friday. Nothing has changed. No main channel roll out this week.

Server Scripting UG 2014-37

Server Scripting UG 2014-37

RC Channels

The RC Channels get a maintenance release that fixes some edge case problems and some issues with Skill Game regions access. Nothing exciting.


The main SL Viewer has updated to 3.7.15-293376. This was the Snowstorm RC Viewer. It has the new snapshot panel, which I really like.

RC Viewers

There is only one now: Maintenance Viewer version It will soon get updated with the changes released in 3.7.15-293376. This viewer has mostly maintenance fixes. There is a long list of them in the release notes.

Project Viewers

Experience Tools Viewer version

Oculus Rift Viewer version

These will eventually get updates to catch up with 3.7.15. But, as of today I see no changes over the last couple of weeks.

Remember. There is behind the scenes work going on that has staff busy. That will likely not wrap up for another couple of weeks. So, we will continue to see what seems a slower development pace.

Loki Eliot

Loki celebrated the 4th anniversary of his Escapades Island. If you haven’t been there, check it out. This is one of the cutest places in Second Life™.

The celebration included several events you can read about in his article: The 4th Anniversary of Escapades Island ROCKED! A great video is  included.

If you have ever wondered about finding your inner-child, Escapades Island is pretty much the direct route.

2 thoughts on “Second Life News 2014-37

  1. Meh, nothing about group chat? My sailing group’s chat went bonkers again after four days. We put in a repair order with SL and advised members to clear group chat…… which seemed to do the job but its gone south again…..

    • I’ll try to remember to ask tomorrow in Beta Server UG.

      The people working on it are back from vacation. They avoid telling us what they change until after they move on to the next thing. Sort of their way of avoiding the placebo effect. They are, however, looking at creating some way to avoid having a viewer connect to all the groups when one logs in. Testing is showing the most delay comes from people logging into and out of group chat.

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