AvaStar Update 2014-19

There have been the typical flow of update RC’s coming out for AvaStar. This morning we are up to version avastar-1-1-1071_blender-2-65.

Starting with version 1062 we can use older AvaStar models in these versions. I haven’t tested or seen an explanation of what this means, exactly. But, I think it means we can open older files and work on models without having to re-parent to the newer AvaStar rig. I’ll have to try that.

Some bugs and error notices have been fixed too.

The recent changes are:

  • changeset: 1071:54a862320587 – tag: tip – date: Mon May 05 23:41:31 2014 +0100
    summary: Add error detection and warning messages for situations where active Object is invisible
  • changeset: 1070:5f2e0c4f13f3 – date: Mon May 05 23:40:03 2014 +0100
    summary:     Added a warning message when trying to change mode of the active object when it is invisible
  • changeset:   1067:425552070fdf – tag: tip – date: Sun May 04 23:29:38 2014 +0100
    summary:     Added missing mappings to Online manual
  • changeset:   1066:26e8e330bad5 – date: Sun May 04 15:00:38 2014 +0100
    summary:     Added mappings to Avastar Help Pages on the Blog
  • changeset:   1065:baee8ad3c975 – date: Sun May 04 13:44:02 2014 +0100
    summary:     Improved: temporary Shape Slider data now stored in textblocks (instead of files). Now also older Avastar models can use the shape sliders without creating errors
  • changeset:   1064:0d562fef6094 – date: Sat May 03 11:10:37 2014 +0100
    summary:     Cosmetic: Renamed fitted mesh demo templates for nicer display in Blender
  • changeset:   1063:6e521025df83 – date: Sat May 03 11:02:58 2014 +0100
    summary:     Marked (renamed) fitted mesh demo templates as originated from LindenLab
  • changeset:   1062:d909c94fcd76 – date: Sat May 03 10:53:11 2014 +0100
    summary:     Compatibility: Shape slider functions ‘update’ and ‘detach’ now also work for Avastar rigs from older Avastar versions
  • changeset:   1061:4b94474c10e8 – date: Sat May 03 09:12:08 2014 +0100
    summary:     make morph shape key relative to neutral shape
  • changeset:   1060:f3fea28fd4ad – date: Tue Apr 29 09:58:42 2014 +0100
    summary:     fix(wip): Add missing cBone joints (exploding fitted meshes when imported with joint positions)
  • changeset:   1059:d82e1f73b67a – date: Sat Apr 26 11:44:48 2014 +0100
    summary:     Cleanup: Remove typo in slider listings
  • changeset:   1058:10c50dbcdd79 – date: Sat Apr 26 00:06:35 2014 +0100
    summary:     fix: Refresh shape now tests before execution if shape keys exist

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