Second Life News 2014-2

Recently we have seen a number of people complaining about getting disconnected, repeatedly. No one has determined if it is an SL problem or just problems local to the users being disconnected.


The main release SL Viewer today is: 3.6.12-284506. I expect that to change this week.

The RC viewers are now:

We have more project viewers this week:

  • Project Fitted Mesh Viewer version
  • Project HTTP Viewer version
  • Project Merchant Outbox Viewer version

The Breakpad viewer is about updating the crash reporting process. Users will see little if any difference using this version. It will be important for third party viewers (TPV) and the Lindens for collecting error data.

The Interesting Viewer is about the rez process the viewer uses. It produces much faster renders of an area. Near things rez first and hidden things rez latter. How information is chached by the viewer also changes. Users will see a noticeable change in render speed.

Firestorm is still the most stable viewer available. The main SL Viewer is the second most stable.


The main channel will get an update Tuesday. This update has a single bug fix that has to do with vehicles getting struck when crossing region boundaries. See Details.

The RC channels will all get the same update this Wednesday. It has to do with some crash fixes and the new scripting syntax updates. See Details.

4 thoughts on “Second Life News 2014-2

  1. Sure hope ‘LL starts working on the horrid avatar broken resizing issues that has become terrible on world. I posted it as #1 of my top ten wishes for ‘LL to make a priority as new years resolutions to address in 2014. In my latest blog. I don’t know if its bugs in the server side baking or recent server or viewer code or new forms of grieving. But it has become noticeably terrible.

    • Totally agree with toysoldier – inventory and rezzing has virtually collapsed over the last month and a bit – I don’t understand why a bigger deal isn’t being made about this – ever single person I know is experiencing it. Even just opening a texture from inventory can take up to 120 seconds sometimes.

  2. Disconnections – last cpl of weeks I’ve been seeing unexpected spikes in memory usage and / or ping tomes and then either a disconnect or a client “walk away” (ie terminates with no explanation crash msg etc).
    I had been assuming problem on my end despite no problems outside SL or any specific indica beyond viewer “crash”. Seeing the comments here, now I wonder. Funny thing is, aside from this,SL seems to be running quite well for sailing at any rate.

    • Yours is the 5,000th comment… just saying.

      There does seem to be a problem somewhere on the SL end of things.

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