Blender 2.67 Released

It’s over a week ago (May 7) that Blender released a new version: 2.67. I just noticed.

Blender Download – Use the Archive version for better compatibility with previous versions.

New in this Release

Free Style

This may seem odd to you, but Blender just got a Free-Style Render Engine that renders non-photorealistic images. See: Blender Free Style for more examples.

Blender 2.67

Blender 2.67

Paint System

The paint system has improvements. Brushes work in more modes and have more features. Bugs in the system have been fixed. 

Cycles Rendering

This feature doesn’t do much for SL users. It adds a subsurface rendering feature. That allows one ot make a surface look waxy or skin more realistic.

Motion Tracking

Improvements. Only usable in Blender, so not for SL users.

Compositing Nodes

If I understand the change, adding node borders, it is a way to select active nodes and disable others.

Python Nodes

I think this is solely a programming feature for software developers.

Usability and Tools

These changes should help SL users. There are new mesh modeling tools; Individual Face Inset, Poke Face, and Knife Project. Faster image display in the image and movie clip editors. Better support for UTF-8 text in the text and console editors, and various improvements to other editors.

  • Poke Face, this tool fan-fills each face around a central vertex. You can use this to triangulate ngons.
  • Individual Face Inset option will let a selected face be inset on its own, within its boundary.
  • Knife Project uses other selected objects to knife-project into the edit-mode object and cut it.
  • Beauty-fill previously only worked well on flat surface. It has been improved to work with rounded geometry.
  • Modifier Stack gets Solidify Modifier features for thickness clamping helps prevent self intersections when there are small details on a larger model.
  • Weight Paint gets a Draw Option to display unweighted vertices a different color, with the option to check only the active group or all groups. This helps to identify areas with very low weights that have been painted on.
  • Image Draw – GLSL gets the ability to display images in Image and Movie Clip editors.
  • …and a few other things. See: Notes

3D Printing

A previous add-on is now bundled with Blender. It provides some additional control for 3D printers.

260 Bugs

They say 260 bugs were fixed.

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