Apollo 17 Now 40 Years

Today it is 40 years since America went to the moon. From Pearl Harbor (1941) to a moon landing in 71 years. The day December 7th marks momentous events in history. It is a day for remembering those that came before us.

Apollo 17 Launch

Sunday Fox News will be presenting a special on the Apollo program and the astronauts. See: Neil Cavuto Previews Sunday’s ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ Special: Let’s Remember a ‘Time When Man Reached for the Stars.’ 

Sunday at 9p ET, Fox News Reporting brings you the inside stories of the men who walked on the moon. Watch as they share tales of triumph and near-tragedy with Neil Cavuto. Read Cavuto’s preview of the special below and tune in to Fox News Reporting: Fly Me to the Moon, Sunday at 9p ET.

And relive Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell’s grim realization he wasn’t only not going to make it to the moon, he and his colleagues didn’t seem likely to make it back home.

And yes, hear for the first time, heroes remembering the first among them. How did Neil Armstrong win that honor of being the first man on the moon? Let’s just say, it’s not how or what you think.

It should be an interesting  historical documentary. For more on the NASA Apollo Program see: FNC Apollo Progam.


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