#SL Group Edit Roll to RC

SVC-4968 – The large group editing problem JIRA is going to roll to the Release Candidate Wednesday 9/19. This is way ahead of what I was expecting.

This means that sometime around noon anyone with a copy of the project viewer (see the JIRA to get a copy) can visit a region in the RC channels and edit groups with more than 10k members. If you have never logged into the JIRA, I have links too.

You may not want to be the first person to try this new feature. But, you may. Whichever, realize that the viewer feature is not a completed and polished product. There is no progress bar and it can take some time for a large group to load. So, be patient. Some large groups, 40k, could take minutes to load.

Older viewers will not be able to take advantage of the feature. Third party viewers (TPV) are getting the feature. We will likely see it in TPV’s before it appears in the Linden Release Viewer, especially considering the problem the 3.4.x series is having.

One thought on “#SL Group Edit Roll to RC

  1. I tried it in the beta grid and it seems to work, though I had problems sending notices. I talked to Baker and he said there are serveral problems which seem to be related to Aditi, probably due to bad performance of the hardware and outdated databases. Maybe that is why they move it to RC now.

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