Dolphin Viewer 3.3.0 (23700) Released

Lance describes this release of Dolphin 3 Viewer an important release and I agree. This release has a working Merchant’s Outbox. This version works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Previously even on Windows the Outbox was shaky.

One added feature in Dolphin 3 is the length of the Merchant Outbox’s time out, which has been extended, doubled. This should reduce problems encountered when the Market Place (MP) is running slow.

Image by: purpleslog - Flickr

RLV users will appreciate that the control for RLV Height Offset has been changed to make it easier to use.

A facelight blocker has been added. It is surprising how many shops are still handing out blindingly bright facelights with their products. Sintimacy, the well known maker of latex suites, has a horrible facelight. I probably should send a note card asking they change it or stop including it in their packages. The light is deleted as soon as I come across it. I suspect new users have no idea what a problem it is. Now would be a good time to delete it from packages as things move to Direct Delivery.

This version includes a fix, from Firestorm, that gets scripted sounds to play correctly. Most sounds fail to play the first time a script tries to play them. I’ve run into this problem and I think all viewers suffer the problem. Now some will work right.

The viewer also has the core viewer code updated to 3.3.1 and RLV updated to

Download & Install

The download file is about 27mb and is a quick download. The install is standard.


There no visible change between this and the previous version. The speed is good. With AA 2x and Sun/Moon shadows I get about 16 FPS in my home.

I’m not sure what’s up, but Dolphin is not showing up in System Explorer. So, I can’t see what’s happening with memory use. May be I need to update System Explorer… Either the update or the restart revealed Dolphin 3 in System Explorer. It’s using about 726mb. The memory use numbers slowly climb, but far less than some other viewers.

Direct Delivery

My Merchant Box worked in SL 3.3.2 Dev Viewer. The one in Dolphin 3 works. So, I can’t see any difference. However, if you have been having problems with your Merchant Outbox, give Dolphin a try. It may solve your problem.

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