Second Life News Week 13

This is general news from different sources. Some interesting stuff.

Sever Updates

Tuesday the simulators were restarted for the main grid. The Lindens usually only do this when they need to update the software running on the sims. But, again not this week.

The release channels got a different roll out than I anticipated and the Lindens had suggested. Magnum is running the multi-threaded region crossing code. This is the package with the Phase I infrastructure upgrade that has been cycling in and out of the release channels for a few weeks. As Oskar Linden says, they are letting it “soak” awhile longer.

Blue Steel and Le Tigre got a new server maintenance package. This is fixes and network performance improvements. There is a crash fix or two and maybe even a griefer exploit patch or two. They hope they have SVC-7713sim crashes all avatars on sim (doesn’t restart but crashes all viewers) multiple times a day fixed.

Direct Delivery

A little bit of info came out about load on the backbone servers and system shifting as the changeover to DD proceeds. I take some of the shut downs have been to bring more hardware on to service the load.


llGetAgentList() is part of DRTSIM-141 and while it is not yet running in ADITI, it is expected to show up there soon. Search this blog or the SL LSL Wiki for more info on this one.

Restart Notices

You may have noticed that region restart notices aren’t so noticeable… I hate it when I don’t have time to run for it. Just POOF… you’re outta here.

SVC-7759Scheduled restart notices no longer noticeable. Oskar is going to try to get some movement on this problem. While it is not a serious problem it is highly annoying.

IM Floods

Recently IM Floods have been causing crashing. There are more IM throttles and other fixes coming to stop IM Flooding Attacks.


VWR-14674Object Return Function of Region/Estate Menu does not work. This is the estate management tool that allows a region owner to return all the items of a specific person, regardless of which parcel they are on. This makes handling griefer attacks much easier for region owners.

Currently the function is broken, making it much more tedious to clean up griefer attacks. Oskar Linden says he’ll try to get some manpower shifted to fixing it.

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