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Lots of us are interested in the tools used by the Lab to build Linden Realms. Some of us have called them the Linden realms Tools or LR Tools. At practically every Linden UG meeting someone asks about them.

Yesterday near the end of the workday the Lab posted a log article about the new tools. They have named them the Advanced Experience Tools. We now have a preview of which tools are being released. The only timeline we have is over the next few months. (Reference)

Professional Creators Program

Within the post is information about a new Professional Creators Program. The Lab says, “This program will provide members with helpful resources, such as tutorials and exclusive closed betas.

Many of the features in the Advanced Experience Tools (AET) would be a griefer’s dream. The Lab has to come up with some means of restricting the tools and avoiding having them used for griefing. Remember Rod saying they had plans for griefers?

We have been hearing about new types of permissions and another type of permission system. That may be this new Professional Creators Program. If  one is part of the program then they will have the permissions needed to write scripts in which these functions work.

We may see the True Online Status scripting functions moved into this permission system too. But, that is a guess on my part.

The Tools

Teleport Agent & Permissions

The Lab says the Teleport Agent was the first tool they added for Linden Realms. For some time people have asked for a better teleport system. The Lab has held back because of the potential for the feature to be misused.

We have had the feature for sometime in OSGrid. The controls for who can write scripts and have the advanced teleporting features work is controls by the simulator operator. I can limit it to my self on my regions or add people by name (well UUID) or open it to all. I doubt few open it to all. But, there is no simple control system the user can use to set permissions. We make manual entries into the INI files of the server.

The permissions system is the being developed is a manageable system for granting scripting rights to only selected people. I think I can bet having RL ID info on file with the Lab is going to be a basic requirement for the use of these new features.

The video shows the teleport agent feature is used in the portals and the Rock Monsters.

Temporary Attachments

The HUD used in Linden Realms is a temporary attachment. The problem the Lab ran into was the current attachment system’s propensity for creating copies in inventory. The new attachment functions will allow attachments, often called forced attachments, to attach without creating an inventory item. The use of this feature will be enabled or not by the new permissions.

The video suggests this will change many aspects of SL. One in particular is demo things in shops.

Experience Permissions

The new permissions system is labeled Experience Permissions. The Lab says it is an expanded and simplified version of the existing system. The Lab says, “Once a user grants permission to an experience, any object associated with that experience has the permission to control that user.

These permissions will be cross-region, meaning once a ‘player’ grants permission to the system, that ‘experience’ or game can span across SL.

I can see great possibilities for these new features.

Other Tools

The Lab says they have other tools and prototypes they plan to release. We can only speculate on what those may be. Several people are. The Lindens are not giving us much to go on.

Advanced Creator Tools Notification Group

So we can keep up on these tools and what is happening with the tools, permissions, and closed beta tests the Lindens have created a new group. Some of joined early as this info leaked out in user group meetings.

As yet I do not see a User Group for the tools. As things have been going I would expect to see the Lab create a Private forum section for discussion rather than a User Group, but again I am guessing.


For me this information is not new. For some weeks we have heard tiny bits and pieces. Also, sometimes you can get an idea from what the Lindens are NOT saying and topics they avoid talking about.

But, this announcement confirms the Lab is committed to the new tools and that they will be delivered.

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