#SL Viewer 3.2 Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts in the SL Wiki have been updated to show shortcuts for version 3.2. This is the one with the new user interface. You could memorize them and remove all the buttons from your viewer setup. Not something I would do. But, there are some handy shortcuts. I’ll explain some of the ones I like.

The wiki page: All Second Life keyboard shortcut keys.

For User Interface (UI) developers there is a special page for working out shortcut keys based on operating systems. See: Shortcuts SL-UX.

Some of the Handy Shortcuts

  • Ctrl-P: Opens Preferences, save 2 clicks
  • Ctrl-H: Open Chat – closes and opens chat. If you have the chat window expanded it remembers and open to the expanded mode.
  • Ctrl-↑: (mistake fixed) Chat recall. In chat this recalls previous lines of chat.
  • ↑: Outside chat, up arrow zooms the camera in.
  • Ctrl-↓: (mistake fixed) Chat recall-navigation  In chat this moves to more recent lines of chat.
  • ↓: Outside chat it zooms camera out.


  • Alt-Shift-T: Show Transparent – makes transparent and translucent objects visible. Handy for finding lost transparent objects or for showing invisible objects blocking movement.


  • Ctrl-Alt-R: Rebake Textures – Forces a rebake of your clothes. Can force cloud avatar to render and force blurry clothes to rez clearly.


  • Ctrl-Shift-1: Open Statistics Panel – Shows the factors affecting viewer performance. It is good for evaluating the Internet connection, region performance, and viewer performance. Can also be used to evaluate the effect of buildings, textures, and scripts on a region’s performance.
  • Ctrl-Shift-2: Frame Console
  • Ctrl-Shift-3: Open Texture Console – shows texture download and decode. It can reveal textures stuck in the download or decode queue. Once cache corruption is eliminated as the cause, such textures should be replaced with a new upload of the texture or avoided.
  • Ctrl-Shift-4 to 8: Various debugging tools – Experiment with these. They reveal things about the viewer and region. They can help in making efficient builds and eliminating problems.
  • Ctrl-Shift-9: Opens Fast timers – shows how frame time is used. This is a complex console. Pause it and move the cursor over large items in the graph to find out what is slowing performance. The tree on the left can be expanded or collapsed to see more detail.
  • Ctrl-Shift-H: Teleport Home
  • Ctrl-Shift-I: Open new inventory window – saves clicking. It will open several additional inventory windows. This control is slow. Give 3 or 4 seconds to open. These windows have to be X-clicked to close. The main inventory window can be opened and closed with Ctrl-I.

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