Where is Torley?

I am a Torley Linden fan. I’m not a video tutorial fan. I like Torley’s video tutorials more then I like most video tutorials. I’ve watched a large number of them and sent out loads of links to them. I recently noticed the new Viewer Interface tutorials are not made by Torley. (See links in: #SL’s New Linden Helpers)  OMG! What has happened to Torley?

Yay for Daniel Voyager, he went and asked Torley. You can see Torley’s response to Daniel in a post on SLUniverse: OMG! So Torley is no longer doing video tutorials.

It seems Torley is busy educating Lindens on the history and culture of Second Life. I was just gripping about an apparent lack of continuity and history in Linden culture in #SL Mesh News Week 45. May be this is a change in Linden culture. It is the first time I have heard of a company having an employee to explain company culture to employees.

The post following Daniel’s is by Hitomi Tiponi. She has kind words for Torley and mentions the SL users lament that Lindens understood Second Life better. It seems that Torley is fulfilling a long desire to see that Lindens better understand Second Life culture.

It could also explain an early look at the new user interface that made it out of the Lab being Pink and Green. 🙂

Friendly best wishes Torley!

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