Xcite Releases X4 Genitals in Second Life

Sex is part of the fun in Second Life. Many think it is just the naughty part and way strange. I suppose they have never understood phone sex either. Whatever the case, those that have figured out sex can be fun have an interest in the various brands of genitals. Xcite is probably the top of the line in genitals and they have just released a new line of private parts. Several of the changes are noteworthy as they mark changes in SL technology and while they can apply to other aspects of SL, they make this a new system.

Copy Enabled – Replacements

A new feature of this release is the parts are Copy enabled. One can make copies of genital parts and the hud. This reduces the chance of an SL glitch vaporizing your parts and leaving you anatomically incomplete. No copy items have been an SL problem for some time. 

The Xcite people have had a No-Replacement Policy for lost no-copy parts. Their thinking is that if you lost something in RL a RL store would not replace it. I personally think that philosophy does not work in virtual worlds. In RL real materials and real costs are involved in replacing an item. That is not so much the case in SL. Whether one sells 1 copy of an item or a hundred the manufacturer’s cost is the same in virtual worlds.

Now their system allows for replacement for lost items. In general they have moved sales tracking to their web site. One can login there and have a replacement sent. All your purchases are listed. One need never buy a replacement Xcite item again.


There are loads of add-ons for the Xcite genitals. The new X4 vagina replaces the X3 version. But, there are no new X4 nipples, butt, thighs, lips, ears, belly rings, etc. Fortunately, the X3 parts mostly work with the new X4 parts and HUD.

There is a part of the new x4 system called a Drop Box, a prim worn on a HUD attachment point. One places their Combos (which are hugs and other animations naughty and nice) in the drop box and then they work. So, version is not an issue with Combos. This saves removing body parts and installing new animations and scripts.

So far, the only part I’ve found that is …somewhat… incompatible is the sound effects… One can still use them as individual sound files. But the Xcite system can’t use them as the automated play sounds they were intended to be. One is expected to trade them in with the X3 genitals.


The X4 genitals are a significant upgrade. One purchases the new genitals and can then trade the older X3 genitals. OK, that last sentence sounds way strange… only in Second Life.

This means one needs to uninstall their combos, leave the sound packs installed, and then follow the trade-in instructions.

Online Support and Configuration

One of the new features in X4 is extended web support. The manuals, installation instructions, and troubleshooting guides are online. (Here) Also, the configuration is online. For color matching they have a number of popular skins in a database. This is supposed to simplify matching skin colors. There is a color matching tool built into the HUD too, which was easy enough.

However, since the HUD has a synchronization feature that sync’s the HUD and web configuration, it is important that once you use the HUD to set color you get the CSS color code (e.g., #DDEEFF) from the INFO option and paste it into the web site.

Also, on the female parts there is an ‘Easy Touch’ feature that is an invisible sphere prim, which makes it hard to select the parts one wants color via the HUD controls. That feature can be turned off on the web site, making it easy to select parts and set colors. Be sure to get the color code for the skin, outer labia, from the HUD and paste it into the web page when you restore the Easy Touch.

Live Support

I had a couple of dumb questions. If I had paid more attention to the manual, they would have been answered. Support got back to me with 24 hours. Their answers were clear. Some were references to the manual. I suspect it gets old answering dumb questions over and over, but they handled it well.

At different times I’ve need support’s help. They have always been there and done a good job.

One can file a touble ticket online and get an in-world IM response.


As if this whole thing of Second Life sex is not kinky enough, Xcite has a set of options related to one’s personal sexual preferences labeled kinks. Previously one configured a note card for those preferences. Now one uses a form on the web site. Filling it out is like taking a bizarre personality test. But it is definitely the way to handle complex configuration and a really neat bit of tech.


The new genitals are a nifty job of sculpting. Both male and female parts are much more realistic. They are made from sculpties. The textures used are interesting. Once a good skin color match is achieved the seam between skin and sculpty is as near to invisible as I’ve seen. The texture fades to transparent making the seam much more difficult to see.

The Parts

Xcite is still a bit expensive. The Core Controller is L$500 and the male or female genitals another L$500 and includes only a penis or vagina. Nipples, butt, lips, ears, and other parts are additional. But, they offer a deal for a starter package. Controller=HUD, X4 Penis/vagina, X3 nipples, X3 butt, and some gift items for L$1,300. If purchased separately, the items in the package would cost about L$1,600.

The female genitals come in 4 shapes. You can watch people picking out their labia shape, which seems to take considerable time. People sort of stack up around that display. One can buy different shapes and they interchange and work with the HUD. Plus they have a collection of skins for furries, demons, and drows.

Checking out the guys I find they have 11 human shapes and one canine… don’t ask. Then they have 11 different sets of testicles to choose from. Then they get to choose pubic hair. They also have a collection of skins for furries. Some are very pretty.

Xcite Touch

This feature allows one to connect various real life devices to their computer and allow their partner to control them via the Xcite HUD. That certainly takes online sex to a new level.

Xcite has changed vendor/manufacture of these RL toys. So, if you were having trouble getting them, that problem should be solved.

This feature carries a monthly cost.

Role Play

I’ve heard many complain about the chat the Xcite products generate. Many feel it interferes with role play. The HUD has a prominent On/Off for chat.

Those that use sound packs will enjoy the new volume controls. There are 4 or 5 volume levels and ‘off’.

So, it should be possible to use the Xcite genitals in several scenarios.

Invisible Purchases

Many of the items one buys are never delivered… intentionally. They are noted in your purchases on the web site and installed when you sync your X4 HUD. This is pretty nice. Taking things a part and installing scripts and such was a bit of a pain. This is a nice technology upgrade and much easier to use. Of course if one does not know what to expect, it can freak one out.


Xcite has a trade-in policy. You can get a copy of it in the main shop (Xcite Shop – SLURL). You can trade in any of the older Xcite parts. Trading-in the X3 Genitals and HUD gets one about L$500, which pays for the new controller.

One buys their new stuff, sends in their old stuff, and gets a credit.

They have instructions for how to package things up and where to send them.


The HUD is a nice upgrade over the previous one. It is more sophisticated and easier to use. The female genitalia are more realistic, as are the male’s. Skin matching was easy once I got the process sorted out.

Note: I have a tutorial on skin matching for shoes/feet: Skin Color Matching in Second Life. It explains the difference between coloring and tinting skin.

The new mix of web and in-world controls is slick. Works well so far.

The SIM where the store is located is lagging like crazy. It was not uncommon to see the Physic FPS at zero and the Time Dilation at 0.01. But it is brief and comes back. I suspect people are coming in wearing Xcite parts and lagging the SIM as the scripts hit the SIM (wearing lips, ears, breasts, butt, genitals, thighs, and HUD totals over 200 scripts). Or it might be the web to SIM connections. Whatever, be prepared to lag when visiting the store.

The Eventide SIM is not in a release channel. So, it is not running the newest server software, which doesn’t mean a lot to shoppers. Hopefully each generation of server software will improve things and lag will decrease.

One thought on “Xcite Releases X4 Genitals in Second Life

  1. > One purchases the new genitals and can then
    > trade the older X3 genitals.
    > OK, that last sentence sounds way strange…only in Second Life


    I was especially amused by “This reduces the chance of an SL glitch vaporizing your parts and leaving you anatomically incomplete”.

    Anyway, even if I’m not into cybersex, you made this article interesting, thanks to many details you added about tech, support and business aspects. It seems that many of your thoughts may apply to other SL businesses as well.

    Keep up the good work!

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