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I made an earlier post about exporting from Second Life to Open Sim. Now I’ve had a chance to play with the Meerkat Viewer.

As I wrote, anyone that is creating in Second Life now has the ability to export things they created in SL to Open Sim. For instance I have a house I built. I do not own land in SL so, it would be fun to put it in Open Sim and landscape around it.


Progress Dialog

To export your builds from SL to Open Sim get the Meerkat Viewer. Log into SL with it, Edit and select what you want to export (you have to be the creator), use the new BACKUP in the pie menu, in the lower left corner are progress messages, once exported use MAP to connect to your Open Sim (see my previous blog post),  use Import + Upload and open the file you exported to. Ta Da!


Something don't come out right.

I suggest you get some altitude before you try the import. If you are on the ground and your whatever exported is 30m tall you will find it embedded 15m into the ground. You may see some things out of place to. Don’t freak. Select the whole thing imported and rotate it 180 horizontally. At least that fixed all my problems.

Scripts in prims… not a problem. If you use something like Prim Docker or Builder’s Buddy the scripts show as created by another. But that does not block your export. Of course it omits any scripts in the prims… even those you wrote.

It does download all the textures. I was using textures I have permissions for so they all exported. However several were created by others.

The viewer’s user interface is the older style (v1.19/v1.20). I had it crash once while in Open Sim. I had been editing terrain and importing the house. But all was well.

I tried bringing the house into the Open Sim inventory. In SL I save the house as a coalesced object. I select all 295 objects that make up the house and do a ‘take’. Right now there are only a few things in the house (like sliding doors) that are linked prims. In Meerkat Open Sim the house came in as a bunch of objects, not coalesced.

The verdict is it works! Pretty well too. I now have a house in my little Open Sim world. I am so happy.

There are a few additions to the viewer too. The AV radar is there as it is in Emerald.

See the MeerKat tutorial viewer here:

4 thoughts on “MeerKat Viewer Review

  1. Hi there…I love this viewer because on the new SL viewer 1.23, I can no longer put any of my shaders on without lagging heavily making it difficult to walk. On this one I can have ALL my shaders on. However, I have no sound. Can you tell me if you had sound when you tested this?

    • I usually listen to a media player to avoid stations changes when crossing parcel and sim boundaries. So, I did no try it. However, most of these viewers have the streaming media in Preferences unchecked. (Top menu – Edit -> Prefs -> Autio & Video) Try that and if that gets it working.

  2. when i lauch the Meerkat latest viewer, and choose SL as my grid, the information does not appear in the grid manager..could someone tell me the URI and Login information so i can access SL with Meerkat?

  3. Login URI:

    Grid name: Agni

    Helper URL:


    Support URL:

    Account URL:

    Password URL:

    That’s all I’m told by emergence/phoenix. Hope it’s enough for your purposes; GL with it.

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