Second Life SexGen Script Problems


Broken by Linden - fixed by Stroker

I think everyone knows the Lindens are always working to improve things and add features for which SL Players/residents are asking. Those of us that write complex scripts, programs if you will, are concerned about what happens when a Linden change breaks one of our scripts being used in a product we are selling. Well, Stroker Serpentine has been through such an ordeal. While I don’t know what one can do to change things, his story can prepare you for what can happen.

Stroker is the manufacturer of the Stoker SexGen beds, line of animations, genitals and scripts for builders. Over 2-1/2 years he has sold thousands of his products and they are all over SL. Imagine his IM’s when suddenly thousands of horny residents can no longer have sex. Not a pretty thought, especially if one considers facing a handsome male AV pointing to a limp noodle and asking ‘What the @#%@&*?’

Then there is dealing with the bad PR. The joke line quickly appearing “You’ll never be screwed by strokerz toys…” … not really fair but that is people and it has to be dealt with.

So, what does one do?

Stroker has placed his story on the XStreet forum and other places. Various writers/bloggers are picking it up. If you are an XStreet merchant, you can join or log into the forum and read the post. (Link)

Individual scripts can be black listed by their UUID (the magic code type URL that allows your viewer to find can call the correct script). Stroker has been through this sort of thing before. So, his staff and he went into in action fast to turn things around. A call to Linden concierge was first. They helped determine which script was blacklisted and blocked.

I don’t understand all the details but while the blacklisting was lifted, existing scripts in-world would not automatically restart. All these peole still have to be contacted and provided new scripts or educated in how to restart them. Since the script has a problem, it is going to have to change. Linden was trying to work with Stroker but considerable damage had already been done to his reputation and product line.

Of course the problem script is a foundation script the others are dependent on. Stroker was unhappy to say the least, which is way understating. Plus he has to find a way to program around the problem. So, he is on the phone to Cyn Linden and Marty Linden. No response from either in 24 hours. Next step is contacting Philip Linden. Within a couple of hours Philip responded and started wheels moving. Mean while the hormones are building.

The next day Garry Linden responds. Finding the details of the problem it is discovered that about 50 animation UUID’s in tens of thousands of products are permanently broken. To Stroker’s credit he decided to deal with these problems on a personal basis rather than sending out instructions and updates in an impersonal mailing. So, over a period of days the problem was identified and repairs begain. Still lots of damage to Stroker and pent up hormones in SL.

Those that know Stroker and have seen this type Linden mess have stepped up to help out. The Alphaville Herald posted an article: Strokerz Second Life SexToys Broken

Stroker posted on SLUniverse Forums: LL breaks SexGen There are parts of conversations in the post and people responding.

Storker is trying to make up for Linden’s black listing by providing new products to his customer and additional gifts for the hassle. Help him out get the word around.

What Happened?

I suggest you read the post LL breaks SexGen. There are some suspicious facets in this blacklisting case. Understanding those will probably make you much less complacent about your products. I can test in the preview grid. But, I can’t foresee action by an individual Linden hidden in the bureaucracy. In many ways this looks like an industrial espionage strike.

Your protection is in knowing who to contact, how to test for coming changes and Stroker’s example of how to deal with the problem. The action step you can take is to contact the Lindens. Ask them what is to keep this from happening to you without warning. If you have a relationship with a Linden, contact them. Otherwise Cyn, Marty and Garry Linden are possible choices.

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