Hair Fair 2015 Coming

This is one of my favorite events in Second Life™. With mesh hair it is possible to have a much lower Avatar Render Cost (ARC) or Draw Weight, which it is called depends on which viewer you are using. Whatever it is labeled in your viewer it costs you performance. So, I am replacing my high ARC sculpty do’s with new mesh do’s for that reason.

Luna Jubilee

Luna Jubilee by Kaelyn Alecto, on Flickr

The fair opens July 11 and runs to July 18. This is the 10th university of this event, or so I am told.

The last day of the fair is a special fund raiser day for the Wigs for Kids project. It is Bandana Day. But, the whole fair is a fund raiser.

For more information on the fair see: Second Life’s Hair Fair 2015. …and this is a resident run event. I use that link with the ‘SLs’ text to improve their search ranking.

NOTE: Not all mesh hair has a lower ARC than scultpy hair. Check using Menu: Advanced (Alt-Ctrl-D to reveal)->Performance Tools->Show Draw Weights for Avatars (SL Viewer). I have seen nice hair with an ARC as low as 8,000. And I’ve seen hair ARC over 150,000.

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