OMG! Robin Sojourner is Married to Santa Clause

Drax has a new video in the World Maker series out: Episode 10 Robin Sojourner. This is the T-Shirt lady from Second Life™.

Of course I don’t know if the white bearded guy is her husband or if she is even married. But, I’m sure he is Santa Clause. 

Ciaran Laval has a review of the video up. Ciaran explains more about who Robin is, if you do not already know who she is. See: The Drax Files Episode 10 – Robin Sojourner. I remember going through Robin’s tutorials when I was first learning to make clothes in Second Life.

Robin Sojourner 2013

Robin Sojourner 2013

Robin has a great line, “Every single thing that has ever happened in Second Life people have yelled, ‘It’s then end of Second Life as we know it.’ And in fact it is. Because it keeps getting better.” I agree with her. I’ve not been in SL as long as Robin. But, in my time SL has gotten better.

Robin also has a great insight into how Second Life can bring out some degree of creativity in anyone.

This is a good video. Inspiring. Well made.

Her web site: This site provides an interesting insight into Robin as she has a collection of her essays there. I’m a great believer in karma and projection/mirroring… people say or write what they need to hear. Robin has an essay on Critical Thinking. It is worth a read. It does not use the words science, math, or statistics. With the scientific method being one of mankind’s greatest advances in critical thinking. Nor does it deal with propaganda. But, it can still simulate thought.

Her Market Place Store.

Her in-world shop: Robin (Sojourner) Wood’s AV Store, Livingtree

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