Second Life Content Creation UG 2018 w26

There is some interesting news out this week. The Lindens are getting more definite about some release dates.

This is the last meeting for a couple of weeks. Next meeting is July 19. The 4th of July is a US holiday and the next week is the company wide meeting, so no meeting those weeks.

Some of the discussion this week gets a bit heated.


I had some problems with sound. I think I caught most of the problems in post. The audio track has been dynamically compressed to lift the whispers and tone down the shouts.

Some sections have been time compressed, meaning the video can be running 2 to 5 times faster than RL. That can make it hard to read chat. Just stop the video to read. I suggest you not worry too much about chat. The Lindens are pretty good about repeating a question in voice before answering it.

00:00 – Start – Vir Linden out lines his agenda for the meeting.

Animesh on RC channels. Going well no issues on server side. A few bugs remain on the viewer side. Vir calls them fiddly bugs. So, the animesh viewer is still in Project viewer stage.

What this means for Firestorm is they are unlikely to release a viewer without Animesh support with Animesh so close to releasing. I suspect their next viewer will have (has?) animesh support. So, I expect to see FS delay release until animesh comes out in an RC viewer. That is my best guess.

00:50 – AvaStar updated to help with animesh bogs. They come back to this later in the video and get deeper into it.

This is an X,Y,Z axis orientation issue.

01:30 – Overall view – No meetings for 2 weeks. Holiday then company meeting.

Animesh issues, z-offset issues. This was a problem where Z-Offset set at upload worked for avatars and failed for animesh. Vir thinks they have this fixed in the latest Animesh viewer, (Project Animesh (64bit)).

02:40 – Bakes On Mesh just submitted to QA. Some bug fixes are in the pipeline. Once are deemed OK they’ll advance the Project Viewer to RC status.

03:25 – EEP is getting close to releasing a Project Viewer. Oz Linden tells us we will see EEP on ADITI in a week or two. He says it will be grid wide in Aditi. A couple of weeks after that and we should see it on AGNI. With the usual stipulations of if things go well.

05:00 – Bakes On Mesh has a project viewer now. Features are pretty much locked in now. So, the viewer changes will be bug fixes.

LSL support for Bakes On Mesh has not been added. That is a future feature add.

Will LoD for worn mesh be changing? Yeah… Vir has a bunch of stuff that he wants to look at in that area.

6:30 – Is it possible to test EEP on Aditi without estate manager status? Uuumm… problem there. But, EEP works with parcel rights too. On Aditi land acquisition isn’t working. So, ownership is added manually. So, if you are wanting to test, you are going to have to talk to a Linden. They haven’t decided who to hang that one on, yet.

Bounding Box of attached animesh was calculated incorrectly. Vir has a fix for that in the pipeline. BUG-224971. The bug can cause various problems. More detail in video.

09:45 – What is next now that Animesh and EEP are wrapping up? Other than to say they have lots to work on, no answer.

10:30 – God Rays or the secular name, corpuscular-rays are going to be in EEP. No one is clear on how walls will affect them…

Discussion on what BoM will mean for users? The Lindens say they don’t know. It is only when they turn a feature over to users that they find out.

14:30 – More on Corpuscular-rays. Will point in the right direction based on Windlight. Plus new LSL functions will take into account the WL/EEP settings for sun-moon direction.

No precipitation in EEP.

18:35 – Change in particle parameters? This is a feature request to add a midpoint to the particle path control. It is on the books. Oz likes the idea. They just have stuff ahead of it. See BUG-214757.

21:30 – Some animation info not showing in the Animation Info list.

23:15 – In-world pose-animation editor for the viewer.

25:00 – Animation length.

Analysis of animation only at upload.

28:45 – Viewer uploader is denying babies their pacifier.  Seems there was a problem with the uploaded. That is apparently fixed in the Firestorm Viewer (underscore-space thing) and in the Animesh viewer or all Linden viewers except the Animesh version. Unclear.

32:30 – Discussion starts on the orientation axis problem.

There is a problem getting the orientation of the mesh shape and the physics shape to face the same direction after upload so a walking animation has the mesh walking forward not sideways. It doesn’t show in an avatar attachment but is a problem for animesh.

37:00 – Cathy Foil on Maya Blender handling of the axis and physics problems. Maya has no problem.

39:30 – Problem exhibits with Pathfinding too.

45:15 – Problem can be seen in the upload preview window if it is present.

46:10 – Discussion on limit of one attached animesh. It gets hot as some comments are taken personally.

56:00 – Oz Linden provides the Linden perspective on why they are rolling animesh out with the 1-Animesh Attachment Limit.

1:00:00 – End – Post meeting argument culminates.

1:03:00 – Antagonist leaves, sane discussion returns. This section is worth listing to, to get a perspective on what is happening with Animesh and Bento. The problem of attachments and animations competing for the same bones comes up.

Also, the marketing issues for explaining the problem to users.

This section may be the most informative part of the video.


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