There is a Firestorm Release Coming…

At some point in time there will be a new release of the Firestorm Viewer. It is over due by about 3 months. The team’s stated goal is a release every 3rd month. In practice it is working out to about one every 6 months.

There are some significant changes coming to viewers. You likely know about EEP, which will likely eventually replace the enhanced Windlight features in Firestorm. The team will likely figure out to have both EEP and Enhanced FS Windlight working together. Then in a later release remove the FS Windlight. The point being to allow those relying on FS Windlight to change over to EEP. But… I’m guessing.

" And It’s shaken me to stone "

” And It’s shaken me to stone “

Animesh is coming. The server side of that is figured out and looks to release in July. Its on the main grid in the RC channels. So, we’ll likely see it go to the main channels in week #27. BUT… the viewer side is a bit behind the server and likely to only appear as an RC viewer, project viewer now, toward the end of July.

For the Firestorm team this means they don’t have a final version of the viewer code to be working with. They are still likely having to deal with changing Animesh code that changes how Animesh renders.

They are faced with releasing something that doesn’t quite work as the Linden viewer does or wait. Or… they might be able to get the last few tweaks in shortly after the Linden viewer goes to RC. They likely are experimenting with the Animesh code now and only need to add and test the last few Linden changes… so, it may go quickly.

The same is true for Bakes On Mesh.

I’m not quite sure what we will get in the next Firestorm release. The FS Wiki is updating with new pages obviously written for the coming release. One such page is about…

Favorite Wearables

The wiki page is here. The feature adds a tool bar button like Inventory or Outfits. The button will open a panel I suppose it to be like inventory. It will have a search window, sort, and one double clicks to ADD or Detach and item.

You drag items from inventory to the Favorites panel. That generates a LINK entry in the Favorite Wearables panel.

The idea is to keep attachments you frequently use but don’t want to wear all the time. The idea seems to be to have a sort of small inventory just a click away.

I suspect I’ll be using this new feature.

2 thoughts on “There is a Firestorm Release Coming…

  1. There is also the fact that the LL code base shifted in a major way with Alex Ivy. The long wait for this release probably has something to do with time needed to merge the Firestorm changes with that.

    • I don’t think so… Firestorm went 64-bit long before the Linden viewer did. While the Linden change may have complicated the merge, Alex Ivy was in RC testing for a long time. I think that gave the FS peeps plenty of time to handle that change.

      The Animesh and Bakes On Mesh have remained at Project Viewer stage. That typically means a feature is undergoing significant change. Also, with animesh there are some rendering issues the Lab is figuring out how to handle. FS people usually wait for the Lab to resolve render issues. So, I suspect some delay is likely. We may also see a round of quick FS releases.

      Animesh, Bakes On, and EEP are all things people want. The FS people will be figuring out the fastest way to get those features to users.

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