Second Life and the CLOUD

Inara Pey has apparently sat through a dry video of Tara Hernandez’s, Senior Director of Systems and Build Engineering at Linden Lab, presentation at Amazon’s Las Vegas promotion for their services. She has written about it here: SANSAR AND SECOND LIFE IN THE CLOUD: LL SPEAKS AT AWS RE:INVENT. The video is here:

That is a 34-minute video on YouTube. There are some gems in the video that interest Second Life™ people.

I had not realized the first iteration of SL used a graphics engine designed to circumvent the Windows graphics and go directly to hardware. This go-to-hardware was the early game-graphics optimization used by most of the industry. That is long gone. Now OpenGL is the optimization that interfaces with all the various graphics systems in use with SL.

Inara covers the main parts SL’ers will find interesting. But, the video is loaded with tidbits about Second Life and how they are changing away from the problems with ideas for Sansar. So, some seldom talked about SL things are described in the video.

There is about 10+ minutes of tech description on Sansar and how it works. And toward the end some words on how they plan to adapt Second Life for life in the cloud.

One thought on “Second Life and the CLOUD

  1. I watched the video, it is an interesting video with lots of tech information.

    Personally I can’t wait for the transition to cloud, hoping greatly that will be more performant for us European users. However I must point out that while Mrs Hernandez even though sounded optimistic about Sansars movement to AWS the thing we actually heard were more challenges and more problems than advantages that sansar is facing.

    It is more than confirmed now that will play the role of the “guinea pig” . And It seems to me that even if the transition will be successful, LL does not focus on the main problem that Sansar actually has. And that is neither the cost of upgrading the hardware neither the tech challenges to cloud which they will be solved. That is of course the friendly functionality that the primate Sl platform had in its birth while Sansar HAS NOT.

    In the end of all these I don’t think the LL has completely realized that SL will turn out even more resistant than the brushy new Sansar Kid which I am afraid it will wash..out sooner or later.

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