Second Life – Shoutcast – Why did Song Boards die?

Clubs and various places in Second Life™ use scripts to pull the name of the song playing on their media channel. Recently, the LL function call to request HTTP GET/PUT process changed. In doing so it broke most of the scripts used to get song names.

I must warn you ...My Thoughts are dangerous and impure

I must warn you …My Thoughts are dangerous and impure

The thread about the problem, DJ Board Display Not Working Properly, started in late May. BUG-100737Shoutcast receivers unable to relay on RC Magnum was filed soon after. By the end of the month, the Lindens had figured out the problem and were looking at a fix. BUT… the fix will require the scripts change.

If you can’t hear the screams of agony and frustration… get your hearing checked.

The fix is simple enough, but you do have to change the script. See Oz Linden’s description of the fix here. Also, the information in the SL Wiki has been updated. See llHTTPRequest for the changes.

As of last week, there were some apparent problems with the fix not working. There were all the usual problems of people not understanding SL servers run different versions of the simulator software. But, those that appear to understand were having problems too. But, that may have been a byproduct of a server version rollback…

As of this morning (Tuesday), there is no new Deploys post in the forum. So, the status of this fix-update is unknown.

One of the big-name makers of song boards is apparently not hanging out in SL. So, pleas for help are going unanswered. This could force hundreds to buy new song boards.

This leads on to another pain point in SL, the sale of OLD stuff in the SL Marketplace. These broken song boards are going to remain in the marketplace and people will buy them. It is hard to say if the Linden cut of the sales is going to cover the cost of increased customer support costs. Either way, profit or loss, there should be some way to get old broken things off the marketplace after the merchant abandons SL…

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  1. This big one updated his boards.. he came back to sl, people can update their boards by going to the store or click get update in board

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