Second Life – News 2017 w25


Tuesday version # of the server software rolled to the main channel. This is primarily a fix to keep regions from losing their connection to the backend servers.

Blue Steel and Le Tigre get the same new package # Changes are listed as ‘Internal Changes’. I suppose that is more changes to data collection. Maybe updates to the server OS.

Bond - Austin Bond

Bond – Austin Bond

Magnum gets version # There is also an explicitly stated update of the OS for this channel. Plus, a couple of fixes.

  • BUG-100830 HTTP_CUSTOM_HEADER no longer works on RC
  • BUG-100831 Lelutka Simone bento head spits a script error when attached on regions (Magnum & Cake)

Bug-100830 is the Song Board fix. If you didn’t read the previous article, be warned your song boards are not going to start working. 


The main viewer is still version I think this is the third week.

Second Life AssetHttp Viewer version – No change.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This version has updated and is new this week.

Second Life Voice Viewer version – No change.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – BANG! Finally, a new version. This one updated from It had to wait for the majority of work in Alex Ivy (64-bit) viewer to complete. Now newer and better.

Another interesting bit, it comes in Windows 32 and 64-bit versions.

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – No change.

June 2017 Mesh Body/Head Survey Results

You may be aware Mesh Body Addicts was running a survey to answer some questions about our mesh body preferences. The results of the survey are out. See June 2017 Mesh Body/Head Survey Results.

Maitreya Lara is by far the most preferred mesh body. By a factor of almost 20. Belleza Freya and Slink Hourglass are neck-and-neck for second place.


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