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There is an update on the new forum roll out. See: UPDATE: New Community Platform Timeline.

Seems the data transfer is taking longer than expected. So, the forum remains locked today, no posting. The forum should open 2/28… some time today… well may be…

Countryside Holidays

Countryside Holidays

Mesh Addicts

Mesh Body Addicts has a new Weekly Fitmesh Finds are here! I’m not sure how much their finds affect traffic to the regions listed. My empirical experience is: it may take days for me to get into some of the regions listed. Uber seems unusually busy.

It took me most of a day to get into Uber to see the Erika pants I think are so hot. I’d make a pair of those white ones look so awesome… BUT, while they have a Slink compatible icon, the demo only has Hourglass, no Physique. I am so crushed.

I did learn that while Uber may appear full, if you use the world map, and the neighboring Harajuku may appear to have a cue of those trying to get in… that isn’t always the case. If a direct TP doesn’t work, try flying in from Harajuku. The time I tried most of the avatars there were AFK. I got right in. I probably could have TP’s in directly. But, after trying all day and being told the region was full, I was up for something else.

Also, it is hard to find the Uber shopping area if you walk or fly in, well… was for me. But, you can do an in-region TP using an LM and get there. As you are already in the region the population limit does not affect TP.

This morning the other regions are rather empty. So, there are plenty of places to check out while you try to get into Uber.

Kawaii Project @ Cookies is gorgeous but mostly deserted. If you are looking for something different, this is the place to check out.

This is where [Cookies (157, 221, 3000)] people are getting the Clingy Octopus (L$350). 4 Colors. See my YouTube video to see troy Linden with one. They are pretty cool. As smoothly animated as it is, I think it is Bento animation.

The stuff here, even when sexy, is way cute.

Skin Fair 2017 is coming up, March 10-26. Organized by Pale Girl Productions it is said to have the top skin artists participating. That could be hype and I’m jaded enough to suspect that. But, there are 176 designers/artists listed as participating. So, less hype and more fact, I think.

I’m thinking about a new skin and a Bento mesh head as my next major purchases, probably this year. The hard decision is whether or not I’ll get a Maitreya body…

Shiny Shabby is always fun, and costly for me. Aphorism has COATS! There are puffy leather coats and knit full length sweater coats. Both look awesome. Now if they just fit.

One of the nice things about Shiny Shabby is their destination guide. It makes it easy to find your way back to a shop.

Signature is for guys. It’s in Alpha. All attire. Looks nice. I so ignore my male avatar…

Kinky Monthly @ Sabotage is supposed to open today. At 10:45 AM and 3:00 PM 2/28, the place is empty. Is the Linden asset server problem causing them problems opening?

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