Second Life: Third Party Dev’s News 2016 w/48


The Bento RC viewer updated Thursday: RC Second Life Bento Viewer version The Lindens fixed a skin weighting problem that a previous fix aggravated. Provided no new issues turn up to block the release we will see it go live soon. As of now they are soaking up user run time data. With enough testing time with no problems they will promote it. Meaning Bento will go live grid wide.

La Digue du Braek - III - A Blogpost

La Digue du Braek – III – A Blogpost

The Bento release date is creating a challenge for setting a Firestorm release date. The Lindens are officially starting their No Release Window 12/16 and it will run to 1/2/2017. The FS team was thinking about releasing their update 12/18.

Oz says the Lab’s actual shut down starts 12/19. While people are officially around as the holiday starts on Friday, many are planning to be gone before then.

You can hear the discussion at time mark: 02:00 – 09:30. It isn’t clear what the Firestorm team will decide. Various factors can affect the decision. The Lindens are hoping the team can release a new FS within a week of the Linden release. There is a good chance Bento will release Monday (12/5) or Tuesday (12/6). Still, that depends on the crash rates and bug reports generated over the weekend.

The Firestorm team is having a Christmas Party the 18th and thought of having a viewer release at the end of the party.

When the FS team does have to release on a Sunday, they try to release early in the week Monday to Wednesday, the release is late in the day. Adoption is much slower with a late Sunday release. So, if there is a problem and servers have to be restarted, there are Lindens around before things get too bad.

Jesse says there is currently a bit of documentation lag, getting the Viewer Doc’s and training courses for FS Support people up to date. They consider that part of the release process and doc’s and support are brought up to date before a release. I suppose that means a release can be held up to some degree when documentation lags.

All that said, I expect a FS release on Monday the 12th, provided the Lab releases Bento on Monday the 5th.

A new RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version version is out. It is a large collection of fixes, about 2 dozen.

A new feature you’ll notice is the viewer pops up the release notes the first time it is launched.

The 64-bit Viewer is progressing. Oz says they have some interesting glitches in build pipeline. But, they have run 64-bit builds of the viewer. It is there priority, which has the 360 viewer on hold.

The Lab is creating a new auto-build process for the 64-bit viewer. There will be a new compiler settings repository. Oz is putting off updating the wiki until after release to avoid confusion. You can follow development and discussion in Open Source Dev list.

New process for viewer updates will come out with the 64-bit viewer. No details.

The Voice update has bugs. Oz wants to fix those before releasing a project viewer.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version is on hold for 2 weeks or so for work on the media handling in the 64-bit viewer. Once the 64-bit media handling works the programmer will go back to work on the 360 viewer.

For now the web browser in the viewer won’t show 360 images… it’s broken. Seems it is a resolution sensitive problem. To work around the problem the rumor is change the picture resolution, set it lower. Take the picture at low rez. Oz says it likely won’t fix until after New Years.

Broken Guns

Remember the gun problem? The Lindens broke SL guns… They have decided to roll back “fix”. Horizons guns now work either way, pre or port fix. So, they can roll the rest of grid back to doing things the old ‘broken’ way that works.

FS will remove their preference control that allowed you to choose one or the other. We’ll see that roll back in Lindens maintenance branch and possibly in this coming FS release. With Firestorm it isn’t a matter of their viewer working in combat sims and Horizons, it works in both now.

About the FS Gateway…

Jesse says it is doing well. But, there is a bit of a problem for the landing pages. Canary Beck programmed them but has disappeared and changes needed now are blocked for lack of a password. Jesse is going to sort the problem this weekend.

Firestorm Gateway



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