Second Life News 2016 w/48#2

In the Server-Scripting meeting Simon Linden told us the regions were being restarted to enable the increased prim limits. So, as of today, all the regions in all the channels should have the new prim limits in place.

Free Wilma

Free Wilma

Jo Yadley, Inara, Linden Blog, and I have all covered the change in prim limits. Designing Worlds had an interview with Patch Linden talking about the change. The video of the meeting will be out in early December. 

Grid Status

We have a new web page for grid status. The URL hasn’t changed. You’ll just see a new page at the old URL.

Several of us have covered it. Not much more to say. Just look at the page: Second Life Grid Status.

In the forum, there were some wondering if the accuracy and timeliness would improve. I’ve voiced the opinion that because of the reduction in bureaucratic process it would. Watching it over the last few days it seems to be more response and timely.

I can’t yet tell if some of the reporting is automated. The server updates notices for Tuesday and Wednesday were automated in the previous iteration of the status reports. Even when a channel was not being updated the status page would report the channel being updated. It will take some time to see if that is still true.

There has also been a bit of problem with the RSS feed from the status report. Those of us that follow the status reports have noticed the problem. I find my Feedly is only catching SOME of the updates. The problem is being looked at. I expect a new RSS URL to come out.

Kink Ban

Simon was not aware of the new UK ban on porn. That information has been passed along to the Lab. I haven’t heard anything from my email to Peter Gray.


There is a mean scam hitting SL. Seems someone steels Lindens from another user by some trick. Knowing they can’t keep the money and avoid being caught, they give the money to someone thay want to grief. The Lab tracks the money down and bans the guy holding it.

So, if you are suddenly gifted a large sum of money (L$) be alarmed. Report it. Don’t give the money way. Certainly don’t spend it. Report it and let the Lindens handle it.

The Lindens are looking at what may be able to be done to mitigate the problem.

Fix It In Sansar

Seems there is a saying in the SL side of the Lab. When an especially difficult or annoying problem is encountered, the euphemism used is: fix it in Sansar. It is dry humor about wanting to pass the buck.

Simon pointed out the Sansar developers have their own collection of problems to solve. He mentions permissions on things in Sansar will be handled differently than they are in Second Life. Interesting.

Experience Feature Requests

Lucia Nightfire is planning to put in a feature request for a scripting function to return the number of empty attachment points available. The total number of possible attachments is the goal. Since 38 is the limit and an avatar entering an experience may be wearing 37 attachments the problem is the experience needing to add two or three more.

The requests will go into the Lindens’ ‘To Do’ list as they all do. If it is important to you watch for the request to land in the JIRA.

There is also an apparent need to be able to have experiences place the avatar in and out of Fly Mode. So, we’ll see a request appearing for that feature.

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