Second Life: Project Bento Update 2016 w42

We got a new Bento RC viewer this week. I was using it to video this meeting. In the first part of the meeting Vir Linden updates  us on fixes to the viewer and its remaining problems.


00:00 – The first 40 seconds have no sound because no one was talking. So, I sped up the video and shrunk 3+ minutes down to 40 seconds. Later in the video you’ll see silent parts of the video speed up.

Also, Cathy Foil did not have a microphone available. So, her comments are via text.

01:30 – New RC Bento Viewer out, version Some of the known problems have been fixed. Some remain to be fixed.

The problem of some existing content breaking remains. It appears that fixes for the old stuff will break the new stiff being made now. Looks like there will be more new stuff breaking than old. So, it is looking like the Lab is going to break the older content.

Fortunately, it is very little old content that is breaking and from very few vendors.

03:36 – There is a new problem with the preview window not showing weighted mesh correctly. Clicking show skin weights when uploading can crash the viewer. It’s new and Lindens are just starting to look at it.

04:00 – The scale locking feature has a problem. A fix has been made and is in QA. BUG-40725.

05:00 – Cathy texts about MayaStar 5.0. It is ready for use. She didn’t have a microphone available so, she is in text.

13:00 – Some discussion on AvaStar problems… Speaking with Gaia Clary today I know a new feature is being added to allow people to more easily work with Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, TMP, and other mesh bodies. I linked to a preliminary video in an earlier article.

14:45 – Viewer checking skin weights by Vir Linden.

16:00 – Feet not scaling?

21:30 – Flying elephant – AWESOME

End official meeting….

Speeding up silent parts…

25:00 – Talking elephant

27:00 – Difficult animating – 159 bones…

29:20 – About waiting for Bento release.

32:00 – The 1%

33:00 – Bento T-shirts

34:40 – Yuzuru changes avatar

36:00 – Animating things like guns

40:00 – Discussion of Bento skeletons going wonky after they go out of view…

Need button Reset All Avatars

42:00 – Firestorm Beta Group

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