Second Life News 2016 w39


Caleb Linden is taking some heat for announcing an update rolling to the Blue Stool [sic] channel.

Whirly's Cartoon...

Whirly’s Cartoon…

The main channel is not getting a new package. The planned roll was held back to add a fix for slow script performance.

All three RC channels, including Blue Stool, are getting a revised package with Minor Internal Changes and Fixes BUG-40565 “Significant script performance degradation observed in server version”

Some seem to this ‘stool’ thing is a typo… mmmm… Wrong side of the keyboard for a typo. Maybe a voice to text mistake. Or… Caleb may be poking fun at us. I’m not sure we will ever have a definitive answer.


This evening the main viewer is still version No update this past week.

Second Life Bento Viewer version This version has updated from last week’s version Changes are bug fix things. AFAIK, no Bento changes.

Second Life VLC Viewer version No update. Expect this version to advance to the main release soon.

Still no new project viewers.

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