Second Life: Custom Mesh Head Animation

Project Bento is moving ahead. The AvaStar people are working on building tools to help people animate the new avatar. You can see a video of where they are now. YOU HAVE TO CLICK…

This isn’t something we will have access to this week or next. We may not see the final release of Project Bento for some weeks and possibly months.

We may have the AvaStar tools soon. Building the animation tool is a simpler task than building a player that works with the new skeleton and the legacy version animations.

6 thoughts on “Second Life: Custom Mesh Head Animation

  1. I’m still unclear on whether this work will allow the owner of an SL mesh head to alter the head (as we do now with the system head) using the sliders as shown in the video for the purpose of customizing a look, or whether the work being done is only to allow mesh head creators to create additional animations for the head.

    Interesting work, nonetheless. Thanks for sharing this, Nalates.

    • As best I can tell at this early stage, animators will have more control over a mesh head than those of us using the sliders.

      The short answer is it looks like users will have some slider control over mesh heads.

      The Lab is working on adding slider control of the new bones. I missed a meeting where they were talking about it. Inara caught the discussion about sliders (link 6 min) Some sliders will be revised to modify the ‘morph’ in the classic avatar and the new bones in a mesh head weighted to those bones. The sliders are not likely to handle all the new bones.

  2. am i understanding this correctly? That there will be a customizable mesh head.. so that i can move to a mesh head but look just as I look now??

    • There is a good chance…

      The head will be connected to bones that are connected to the appearance sliders. So, we will be able to adjust our facial appearance. We will also be able to have our mouth move when we talk. With animations we will be able to make facial expressions.

      How closely you can replicate your current face is unknown. I am hoping to be able to replicate my avatar’s facial appearance.

      But… there is the possibility.

        • I’m a little down after the 6/16 Bento meeting. There are problems with the face sliders and the new bones. I’ll have the video up soon, probably tomorrow.

          I expect the problems to be worked out. But, it may delay release.

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