Second Life News Update Week 11

The RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version has promoted. The main SL viewer is now The Release Notes are here. The short story is:

  • memory leaks
  • crashes
  • UI bugs
  • permissions bugs
  • importer bugs
  • duplicated calling cards
  • visual muting
  • autopilot

There are 57 fixes and additions listed in the release notes. There is one known bug:

  • BUG-10447Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.

I’ve been using the RC Second Life HTTP update Viewer version In the second hour of use the viewer starts going unresponsive. A system memory clean up (using System Explorer) gets me another 30 minutes or so of use.

In crowds it loses Frames per Second (FPS) and PING times go WAY up, 1,000ms to 4,000ms. A Windows command-prompt-ping to the SL server I’m on shows 50-100ms. So, I suspect the viewer is the problem.

Using this viewer I got a new banner across the splash page when I went to log in. It informed me there was a new viewer version available, meaning the main release version. I could have downloaded the install package and installed over the top of my current viewer. First time I’ve seen it happen this way.


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