Wow! What came out at the TPV Dev Meeting?


Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 is coming to Second Life. The Valhalla viewer with CEF supports TLS. This is a critical issue for all SL Viewers. This spring the Lab will shut down all the older capabilities, I suppose API’s, that support older money transaction protocols. So, any viewer not supporting TLS 1.2 will not be able to handle money. This is a legal compliance issue for the Lab. No choice.

Two friends hanging up (2)

Two friends hanging up (2)

This same requirement is placed on Internet Browsers. So, you will likely see some of the browsers people don’t update start to fail on financial sites.

The Lab is looking at disabling all viewers older than Valhalla 4.0 because of the TLS compliance issue. Grumpty Linden said obsolete platform users will need to change to an external browser for all L$ transactions. I’m not clear if he was thinking more Windows XP or older viewers. I think it suggests viewers and that blocking and disabling have different meanings. So, while one may be able to use an older viewer, they won’t be able to use Linden $ because those features will be disabled.

No Change Window

The No Change Window started running Friday Dec 19 and will run through Monday Jan 5, 2016. No viewer and no server changes.


Someone had a request that the Lab work on some Linux fixes. Oz is clear. The Lindens are not going to spend time developing Linux fixes. If you want it fixed, contribute the fix. Lab not going to develop them, but they will add third party fixes as they have time available.


Firestorm – the TLS update is going to kill off older versions of Firestorm. But, even sooner the Bento mandated updates will force older viewers off the grid. Not having an update will most probably mean your viewer will crash as soon as a Bento Avatar comes into sight.

So… plan on updating. It is the only way you will be able to stay in Second Life.

New Stuff

Oz says they are not done yet… Bento is not the end. They have other things up their collective sleeves. And… they aren’t talking. I will however point out, I NEVER would have believed they would find a way to change the avatar or try it, much less do it. Here we are with Project Bento. So, just has Trump has upset the political landscape, the Lab has taken on a new…  way of doing things… something like that.

Over the last few months I have been aware that less news was coming from the Lab. Bento is a really big thing. It took much of the Lab’s resources to develop and implement it. They have been sneaking in server and viewer changes without telling  us. I find it interesting the Third Party Developers didn’t notice something was up. Or maybe they were under NDA…

Whatever… it is the time of year to be thankful for gifts… the main one not being under a tree.

Thanks Linden Lab for the changes, fixes, and new features added this year.

So… stuff is coming. That includes change…


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