Second Life News 2014-42


The Main Viewer has jumped up to 3.7.17-294959. This is the new Login Viewer with some maintenance fixes mixed in.

Server Scripting 2014-42

Server Scripting 2014-42

RC Viewers

Maintenance Viewer version – Minor fixes and additions. I’ve listed them before.

  • voice
  • privacy
  • rendering
  • texture animation
  • avatar distortion
  • inventory management
  • sounds
  • mouselook in Mac
  • scripting crashfix
  • multiple UI fixes in script editor, Pay flow, chat, stats floater, edit menu etc.

Project Viewers

Benchmark Viewer version – Omits use of GPU Table.

Experience Tools Viewer version – An improved experience tools viewer.

Oculus Rift Viewer version – Now the full Linden DK2 version. This is not the final version we will eventually have. It remains a work-in-progress. But, it is the state of the Lab’s work to date.


We know there would be no rollout to the main channels today. There was no RC package running last week, so there was no package ready to roll.

RC Channels

Wednesday a small maintenance package will roll out to the RC channels. All three will get the same package. But, Blue Steel will also get switched to the new Content Delivery Network (CDN). The Snack channel of 270± regions has been running CDN and doing well. Blue Steel will up the number of regions significantly. Plus Blue Steel will provide a diversity of regions, busy, deserted, and all in between.

Viewer Managed Market Place

Baker Linden was at the Server Scripting UG meeting today (Tuesday). He spoke about the system and the work he has been doing. The Inara’s announcement is here. Mine is here: Second Life Market Place CHANGING.

Baker says, “…we’re planning on rolling to Aditi at the end of the month for testing. It’ll be there for a while, as bugs get fixed and we stress it a bit. Also to let those Firestorm [and third party] devs implement the new viewer features 🙂

For merchants, you will be able to choose which “version” is listed — so you can have a special holiday-skinned object, and then simply right-click, say “use this version” and then it will start selling the new holiday version of your object!  When you’re done selling the holiday themed object, just switch back to the original version.”

There will be a Project Viewer that comes out with the rollout on ADITI. We will have to use it to test the new MP features.


It never occurred to me and Bake says not to the Lindens either, but a number of people, it seems, put things in their shopping cart and delay making a purchase for a week or more. So, if you do that and the merchant changes the version being sold, changing from Halloween version to Thanksgiving version, after you purchase the Halloween version, which version do you get?

As it is now, you get whichever version is active at the time of purchase not the version active at the time of selection. That could be a problem. I expect Baker and Lindens will be thinking about this one.

I was surprised at the number of people present that through this would get them.

Requested Feature List

  • During the meeting several requests for features came up.
  • A way to save favorite Shops/Merchants
  • A way to the product’s contents list, as we can in-world.
  • A way to buy demo for a product directly on the product page.
  • A way to handle product colors within one listing. As it is now we have a listing for the red version of the dress, the green…, gold… etc. and the fat pack.
  • A user group for merchants… like a user group meeting in-world… (there is a riot in the making)
  • Blocking the region-restart purchase exploit. Baker says he is on it.

MP Summary

We got more information at the Third Party Developer’s Meeting last Friday. So, follow the links above to get more details.

Linden Region Updating

Simon Linden tells they are working on Linden built regions that were for testing the experience tools.

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