Second Life News 2014-38 #2


Second Life 3.7.16 (294015) – This is the current default viewer for Second Life, as of 2:50 PM 9/18.

RC Viewers

Maintenance Viewer version – This maintenance version is the only candidate for promotion to the default viewer. The release notes are here. They were 9/12. It is a maintenance release with a large number of fixes.

Project Viewers

Experience Tools Viewer version – This viewer has been updated. I think about 9/12. These updates brought it current with the default viewer and whatever changes are coming from the Experience Tools project.

 Oculus Rift Viewer version – This viewer was last updated about 9/8.

Abuse Reports

If you haven’t opened an Abuse Report lately then you haven’t noticed that the issues you can report have been reduced. The change is being discussed here: Changes to Second Life Abuse Report Categories.

World Map

The World Map now uses CDN (Content Delivery Network) to distribute the map tiles. The change is grid wide in AGNI. No viewer updates are needed. Third Party Viewers should be able to use the new system without change.

The feature was rolled out to half the login servers yesterday and the remainder today, Thursday (9/18).

See Map Tile Fetching.

Mesh and Textures

You may remember it is the plan to deleiver mesh and textures via CDN too. That feature is now active in 4 regions in AGNI. The regions using CDN for all textures & mesh are:

  • Denby
  • Hippo Hollow
  • Hippotropolis
  • Testylvania Sandbox

So, you can check it out.

If you have a region you would like to add to the test/beta contact Maestro or Oz Linden. Use the email address: Any region with a high amount of textures and mesh objects would benefit by being in the test, faster render.


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