Second Life AvaStar L$5000 Bug Chase

Avastar 950 Model - Image #3

Avastar 950 Model – Image #3

Gaia Clary, of Machinimatrix and AvaStar, is offing L$5,000 to those finding bugs. The first one to report a bug in the current AvaStar version gets the prize for that bug. But, it has to be a reproducible bug and you have to properly file a bug report with Machinimatrix. The process is described in an in-world announcement (which I’ve changed a bit to make it more readable): 

Get 5000 L$ for any Approved Bug in Avastar:

  • The bug must be documented in our Ticket System
    1. Please describe what happens as detailed as you can. It is important that we can understand the problem. We only take care of reports in the ticket system. Nothing else counts. You find our ticket system here:
  • The first one to report a new bug wins.
  • The bug must be reproducible
    1. You must send in a blend file plus a description of how to find the bug and reproduce it. This bug must be reproducible at any time.
  • The bug must not be already known
    1. There are a few bugs known, like a problem with pelvis Invert on animations. I do not have a list though, so you need to trust us that we are not going to cheat on you with that.
  • The bug must get approval from us
    1. We will mark it in the ticket system as approved. Or we reject it with a well documented reasoning for the rejection.
  • Blender Bugs are not counted
    1. If it turns out that you found a bug in blender, it is not counted as an Avastar bug.
  • You need to have a valid Avastar License.

You will receive your money as soon as the bug is approved.



I think knowing who reported a bug first is handled by filing a ticket in the Trouble Ticket System. The date and time will decide who first reported a bug.

Is it a known bug? You don’t have any way to know. Gaia points out they do not have a list of known bugs to provide. I think this lack will lead to some drama. But, the Machinimatrix team has the final say. If you are going to get bent if you report a known bug and won’t trust the team to be honest with you, don’t participate.

I think this suggests the team is working to finalize AvaStar 1. I also think the workflow is pretty well defined now.

The current version as of today (9/21) is: avastar-1.1-RC6_blender-2-70.

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