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Blender 2.7 Materials Baking

Blender is moving more and more toward use of Cycles Rendering. With Cycles comes the need to use the Node Editor to build materials. For those materials to be of use in Second Life™ we often need to bake them to an image.

Server Scripting 2014-38

Server Scripting 2014-38

As I was baking materials I kept getting strange and seemingly random results. Sometimes everything would work as I expected. Other times I seemed to lose all control over which image Blender was going to bake to. I finally found how to control which output image is used to receive the bake output. See this answer/tutorial on the problem: How do I bake a texture using Cycles bake.

Output is controlled by which Image Texture node is selected in the Node Editor, not the 3D window or UV Editor window, which is why I was having trouble understanding what Blender was doing. 

Animation Problems

When testing animation on ADITI I ran into a problem of not being able to animate hands. I’ve spent weeks thinking about that problem. I filed a trouble ticket with Gaia and worked through Blender/Avastar possibilities and eliminated those.

I thought I had it isolated to a problem on the ADITI grid as the animations worked on the AGNI grid. I filed a JIRA on that problem. Whirly Fizzle and Maestro Linden pointed out there are hand and feet attachments that block animation of hands and feet. They lock hands and feet in place with a high priority animation. That was my problem.

In AGNI I wear Slink hands now. Love them. But, I have not updated my ADITI inventory in some time. Changing password in the middle of testing on ADITI has proven problematic a number of times. So, no Slink hands in ADITI. The nails I was wearing in ADITI were blocking the hand movement. I had not realized there were animations who’s purpose was to stop animations…

I greatly appreciate Maestro taking the time to test the animation I thought was having a problem. He even made a video of the test and posted it on YouTube.


If you script in Second Life, you may not have noticed, but the llJsonGetValue wiki page has received a number of changes this week. Pedro Oval has removed a bad example and added a new one and more.

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