CCIIUG Informally Closed

Content Creation Improvement Informal User Group (CCIIUG) is informally disbanded… or temporarily just not meeting. Geenz Spad was facilitating the meetings. When asked directly on Wednesday at the Open Source UG Geenz said, “Informally, for the time being. Sadly, not much was actually getting done there and sadly I don’t have as much time as I used to for the group.”

I’ve written about the group several times. Click CCIIUG in tags (to the right) to get a list of the articles.

This is a group that had excellent potential. Geenz is the primary doer in the Materials project. I am not clear on whether Geenz is bound by an NDA or his personal desire to get things finessed before going public. I think it is a combination. Without his being able or willing to talk about progress on the Materials System there is very little fresh meat for this group. Thus interest in it has died. 

I suspect there was the expectation that content creators would jump in with fresh ideas. But, fashion designers seem to work alone or in small tight groups. Building builders tend to come together for training but otherwise they too work alone or in small groups. I am not surprised that these people are more into preparing meals (builds and products) than in hunting new meat. They start their work as chef after the hunter brings in something.

I think this is another basic difference between artists and programmers… not that programming is not an art. Programming is creative work, but it requires a different skill set and work flow, chef vers hunter (programmer). The programming art has to be shared differently. That leads to differences in how these artistic groups work. Trying to mix such radically different thought process is likely something that only a few psychologists can facilitate. I think it likely that only such a person could create a dynamic group of artists and programmers and doubt we will see that in SL.

Also, I am not sure how anyone not reading Inara’s or my blogs would even know about the group. So, while I am sad the group didn’t take off, I can’t say I’m surprised.

However, the Content & Mesh UG of Second Life run by Nyx Linden has been providing fresh meat for the knowledge hounds and helping with problems. So, we can get by.

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