I’ll do the indexing to this podcast a bit differently, just because… I used the outline from MetaReality’s page and added to it. Hear the podcast here: The Status of Virtual Worlds.

Metareality Podcasts

Again I paraphrase things. What I write is my take away from what I heard. This is a good discussion and has some good information on the possible future directions of Second Life. It also is the first I’ve heard of someone criticizing the mobile Apps explosion and putting it in realistic terms. I’ve wondered how people were going to deal with data caps on their phones.

  • 01:42 – IEEE Virtual World Standard Working Group
    • Why standards?
    • Interconnecting/interoperable grids?
    • 11:00 – Interchangeable Continent
  • Across the Metaverse: from Second Life to OpenSim
  • 11:50 – Why did Linden Lab step back from the hypergrid?
    • Because the interoperable worlds was not in the Lab’s best interst. There is discussion with several points on this aspect.
  • 15:30 – How will TPV polices regarding shared experiences and Havok effect SL & other grids & open source?
    • 19:00 – Difference between experimental, beta, and release versions and the problems for shared experience.
    • 22:00 – Havok license for Pathfinding – possible divergence in viewer technology.
    • 27:00 – Possible viewer/server work load changes. Moving some Havok physics to the client may allow real cloth and hair, sort of flexi mesh hair and clothes. There are exciting possibilities down this path.
    • 31:00 – Speculation on what is coming next for SL. Something has to change for SL to last another 10 years.
    • 33:50 – Killing Phillips idea of SL?
    • 35:00 – Blue Mars
  • 35:50 – Graphics vs. hardware concerns – Good discussion.
    • 38:30 – Lab seems to be changing focus from lowest common denominator (think old hardware) to supporting the majority of users.
    • 41:00 – Exodus technology
    • 44:00 – Four rendering pipelines…
  • 45:00 – Euclideon Engine – Possible new tech for 3D worlds. But, requires a complete restart for how graphics are handled. Current GPU’s don’t handle the Euclideon process for graphics.
  • 49:00 – Fix it or rebuild it?  Linden Lab or someone else? Discussion on starting over.
    • 52:00 – How many would opt in for Third Life?
  • 55:20 – Linden Lab trademarks DIO – Mobile new stuff – Speculation – Discussion on tablet play and immersion, or lack of immersion.
  • Mobile is the future?
  • 01:00:00 – Did Facebook Kill Virtual Worlds?No…
    • 01:02:00 – Problems with data caps on phones/tablets and with web browser virtual worlds.
  • 01:05:30 – First User Experience – Discussion. How would we get a virtual world explained to an App user when we can’t convey the idea in the PC platform?
  • 01:10:20 – Mesh Clothing Deformer and Standard Sizing Debate/Update
    • 01:11:00 – Max talks
    • Sizing and problems discussion
    • As long as alternate base sizes are not mandatory its ok to have them.
  • 01:14:00 – When will the mesh clothing deformer be completed? Don’t know. It is done as far as Qarl is concerned. The decision is up to the Lab. They are concerned that the Default Shape is not the best choice and they are trying to decide what will be the best base shape.
  • 01:16:?? – Will you need an alpha layer with the mesh clothing deformer?
  • 01:17:00 – Economical mesh – rendering choices vs. polygons
  • 01:20:00 – End of discussion – Guests promoting their projects and updating the status and general social news. This is actually a pretty funny part of the audio.
  • 3D Virtual Worlds and the Metaverse Current Status and Future Possibilities
  • Will Burns’ Blog
  • 01:20:30 – Exodus Viewer now has nightly builds – The nightly builds are becoming popular. Gianna said the latest has solved most of her mesh render problems.
  • Rustica in the Marketplace
  • Fameshed
  • SL9B Angel of Death
  • The 1920s Berlin Project 3rd anniversary
  • 01:26:00 – End


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