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Yesterday the Commerce team was going to take the Market Place down for changes about 5 AM. Then that was going to be put off until Monday. Then they rescheduled it to 10 AM yesterday. They did take the Market Place from about 10 to 11:30 AM Thursday, yesterday.

We still don’t know what was changed or fixed. Just that the site was down.

Seen too often...

We do know there is a small problem with Direct Delivery Bears over populating the world. That problem has been solved with a small nuke.

I think it was SassyRomano’s finger on the button.

Deleting Magic Box items

A number of people are having problems deleting Magic Box items moving to ‘Unassociated.’ When a Merchant Outbox sends a matching item, it replaces the Magic Box item and takes over the listing. The Box’s item is then Unassociated. Of course, one wants to delete item as it is no longer needed.

Problems start from both what people are doing and I think system latency. The latency can be from the system holding on to Box items already in the old system. People deleted them from the ‘Unassociated’ list. After a time the old system injects them back into the list and the user has to delete them again… and again… again… etc.

People are trying to protect sales and keep a Magic Box as a backup in case DD fails. Also, some people have a number of Magic Boxes spread around the grid to avoid having things drop out of the MP or fail to deliver if a region is down. As long as any of the Magic Boxes are rezzed on the grid they will re-inject the items into the Unassociated list. Even after they are gone, one may see items returning for a time… the idea is at some point that will stop. But, we aren’t sure how long it takes.

The standard advice now is to get all the Magic Boxes you own off the grid. Then a final pass deleting Unassociated items usually clears them out. If you have even one Box with only a few items, all your items will come back into the Unassociated list. Very tedious.

This behavior could explain why the grace period for change over was changed. Originally we were going to be given more time to make the change over. Now we have a cut off in May.

I’ve tried deleting things from my one and only Magic Box. The automatic resetting process is much slower, so be patient. The Magic Box will eventually return to its normal color, indicating normal operation.

I have yet to see the item removed from the Unassociated list. It’s been a couple of hours now.

100 Unassociated Limit

Originally there was a limit on how many items one could have in the Unassociated list. I am unclear on whether that limit is officially removed. But, some people now have thousands of things in their Unassociated list.

It may now be that only 100 DD items can be in the list before the Merchant’s Outbox stops sending new items. There seems to be no limit on how many Box items can be in the list.

Payments Lost

A number of people are reporting seeing items sold and even improved sales, the items are being delivered, and they are failing to receive payment. The consensus is, if you can, avoid changing your top selling items to DD. Keep them in your Magic Box, which then screws up your Unassociated items list.

At least one person is reporting a 40 to 1 ratio of items they are getting paid for. No one in the Commerce Team is talking about the problem, at least not that I have come across. I suppose the Lab’s attorneys may be advising silence on this issue. Whatever, payment issues are serious. We can hope the Lab will go through the database and correct the missed payment problems.

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