New Things Coming to #SL

For some time I’ve read the blogs and posts of SL users saying the Lindens developing Second Life needed to spend more time in SL. The idea being that if they used the product rather than just developing what they think we need, SL would be a better place. I think it is a good idea.

It seems Rod and Will think that is a good idea too. Hamlet posted, “Linden Launches Monster-Dodging Game for Premium Users UPDATE: Rod Humble Explains — It Was Made With New Tools Coming Soon for SL Game Developers” which is about a new game in Second Life. He has been chasing down his contacts in the Lab to find out what is up with that.

A quote he got from Rod says they built the game not to be building games, but to learn what tools are needed to be able to build games in Second Life. That pretty much is the idea many of us have put forward for Lindens. Walk in our shoes and you’ll understand. The Lab has now done that. They built a game to find out what we are up against.

Whether walking in our shoes is a better idea than listening to us is yet to be seen. I am more and more certain that the idea of transparency for the Lab’s development is a thing of the past. Much like Obama’s idea of government transparency has faded.

The new game is in a premium members only area, Nysray (SLURL). As best I can tell there is no name for the game. May be call it Rock Monsters.

Now if the Lindens just had to walk in Loki’s shoes and figure out how to get games to pay for tier would see why his suggestions are important. I suppose there is a slim chance that will happen. But…

I may have to spring for a premium account at some point…


4 thoughts on “New Things Coming to #SL

  1. Well, let’s put a hint here:
    Try compiling it into the script for yourself. Seems like it is disabled but compilable tho.

    • I use that function in OSGrid and love it. The Lindens have said it is too griefer prone to be used in SL… I don’t see it, but incredibly the Lindens won’t take my word for it…

      • It isn’t in the viewer, it’s just one of those hidden not public-known functions. Just copypaste this script and compile it:

        touch_start(integer total_number)
        llTeleportAgent("68015a27-33d7-4f7f-8873-34e1096578fe", "Ryder Haven", , );

        Well, the thing is, you can compile it, but it seems that it works only when Linden owns it.

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