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On Loki and the Goonies, Loki has posted an insightful article on Second Life gaming. You may have seen and even played his Evil Giant Worm Massacre. In true entrepreneurial style Loki is looking to provide a service and have it support his effort. The money to pay tier has to come from somewhere.

Evil Worm Massacre

Destination Guide

The Destination Guide is helping Second Life users in many ways. For merchants it attracts shoppers. For clubs it helps bring patrons. For game developers like Loki it brings new players. For the typical resident it provides a way to find interesting places.

Loki points out what is needed to make the Destination Guide a tool for all levels and types of users.

One of Second Life’s biggest problems is revealing the extent of Second Life and its massive content.

Loki has what I think are great ideas for improving the Destination Guide and Second Life.

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