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Last week New World Notes and several others, as well as myself, blogged about the game the Lindens built. This week we have some more details on the game.


There is a shiny new FAQ page in the Knowledge Base. Project LR Frequently Asked Questions. As one reads the page it becomes obvious this page is written for residents. There is less behind the scenes, techy, and motivations for the game and more about how to play.

In the explanation we learn that premium members can earn Lindens by playing the game.

Game Portal


Also, it is not possible to teleport into the region. One must find a portal. See the image to know what they look like. For now it seems portals are placed in premium sandboxes. However, if you find one and you are a premium member and it does not work, don’t panic. When the game region population reaches capacity the portals shop working. Wait a bit and try again.


Never fear. Dying in the game doesn’t hurt… much… right. There are things in the game that can kill you. When you die you are teleported and reincarnated in a resurrection circle. I suppose it is a bit like Entropia. I am seriously considering a premium account.


When you pass through the portal a HUD is attached. The HUD is used while in the game. The HUD is never entered into your inventory. When you leave, the HUD detaches and disappears. This suggests that any game state would need to be saved by SL servers or third party developers would be using a web site to save game states.

Taking off the HUD… like to cheat… teleports you to your home region.


If you want to provide feedback to the Lab on this game send it via email to lr_project_feedback@lindenlab.com. Be smart use the channel wisely. Whining and flaming via this channel is stupid and counterproductive. (That last sentence was for the clueless, not you.)

Summing Up

People have some threads going on the SL Forum. You can check them out and see what people are saying.

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  1. Nalates, I ecourage you to try a premium account, it pays back, and its not very expensive.. btw congrats for your blog!

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