#SL Region Crossings

Well… things are a mess in regard to region crossings. Andrew’s Friday afternoon meeting was overrun with region owners, sailors, and aviators looking to find out when regions crossings would be working better. 54± people were in Denby, which made it hard for me to get in. Later in the meeting there were 80 people in the region. Persistence does work. 40+ were in Longfellow and 10 or so were stuck in Hanley.

Full Regions for Server Script Meeting

Some of the meeting was relayed to the Second Life Beta group chat.

Since the latest server update and the recent kernel updates region crossings with vehicels have become a problem. Walking or flying across is less of a problem then attempting to drive, sail, or fly a vehicle across.

There is also concern about the Havok upgrade that went into testing this week.

Whatever the case, sailors and aviators showed up in mass at Fridays user group meeting. I’ll have more information later, after I have time read through some chat logs and meeting minutes. Watch for Server News.

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