Firestorm’s Tool Tip Tuesday 09

It was Tuesday again. Seems to happen every week. This last Tuesday another FS Tip came out.

In this one Jessica is teaching us about the command line available in the Firestorm Viewer’s chat. This is one of the way neat things about the Firestorm Viewer. There are plenty of neat features. But, this command line thing is something power users will likely use several times per login secession.

These tip videos are getting about 9,000+ views after a couple of weeks. This is a very small percentage of the Firestorm users. Since Firestorm is used by more than half, closer to three-quarters, of the users of Second Life that means very few people know about TTT Videos. Pass around the link to the YouTube Channel.

Firestorm Viewer Tool Tip Tuesdays

Others are covering this new service provided by the Firestorm peeps. So, I’ll be brief.

The Firestorm Viewer is the power user’s viewer of choice. But, even power users can’t know all the features rolled into this pretty awesome viewer. Many of the features are things you would probably use if you knew about them. So… the team is making little videos to show you how to use the features. (6 min)

This one is an example. Lots of good stuff in a short video. They say there will be another one released next Tuesday. They first post on the Firestorm Viewer Blog.

Obviously these are primarily for Firestorm users. But, some of the controls work in other viewers too.

The Camera Tools are a Firestorm and Third Party Viewers thing, at least for now.