Second Life Viewer: Imprudence 1.2 Review

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There is a new Imprudence Viewer out, version 1.2. Massively’s Tateru Nino has a write up about it. They have itemized the new features and improvements, so I’ll skip repeating that.

The viewer has a User Interface (UI) that is a bit different than other viewers. Expect to take some time to get used to it.

Imprudence has added chat with vertical tabs, which I love. This change puts the tabs on the left side rather than bottom of the chat dialog. You can see many more tabs. It makes it much easier to keep up with ongoing IM’s. They don’t get scrolled off so easily.

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Snowglobe Experimental Viewer Review Update


Snowglobe Logo

On November 18 a new release of the Snowglobe Viewer came out, 1-2-4-3007. On November 23 a new version of the bleeding edge beta Snowglobe Viewer was released, You can find the download links on this Second Life wiki page.

WARNING: Often new viewers crash more often than the previous version, not always. But often enough that one wants to keep a copy of the previous viewer in case one needs to rollback. Windows users can create a System Restore Point before installing a new viewer version for easy rollback. Linden Lab has a blog post on what to do if one keeps crashing. See: Keep Crashing

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Greenlife Emerald Viewer Breasts Review

Update 12/2/2009

A new version 1101 was released Wednesday. See: Emerald Viewer Review – Update

12/3/09: I’ve added an index to all the Emerald Viewer Reviews. See: Emerald Viewer Review Index

Update 10/18/2009

The 1.23.5 (950) version has been released to handle the new LL updates. Greenlife Emerald Downloads 950

Second Life Blog Thread: Female Avatar complete. End of “bouncing-Prim-Business”?

Emerald Impostures Warning: [Emerald] Imposters!

11/6/09 – Emerald License Violations – Emerald goes after abusers

12/2/09 – Second Life Inventory Loss & Recovery

Linden Lab 3rd Party Viewer registration coming: Discussion: Third Party Viewer Policy

Massively covering the issue: Linden Lab to alter third-party Second Life viewer policies

10/24/09 – Modular Systems Response: [Emerald] Regarding ‘Third Party Viewer Policy Changes’

10/21/09 – JIRA Report: Import “Breast Physics” feature from Emerald Viewer – This is about having the feature added tot he standard Second Life Viewer.

11/23/09Speed Rezzer for Emerald Review

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10/21/09 – Added Vertical IM or Chat Tabs info.
10/21/09 – Added CryoLife Detection + 10/26/09
10/21/09 – Added Emerald Viewer Manual
10/23/09 – Added Emerald Attachment Points
10/24/09 – Added WARNING: Emerald Losing Shapes

Original Post

This week Modular Systems released version 1.23.4 (904). This version has lots of new features. One the guys will like is bouncy boobies. One everyone will appreciate is the client-side-AO. Read on. (Continued from GreenLife Emerald Viewer Review)

Emerald AO

AO’s or Animation Overrides are typically prims with animations and a control list that attaches to the viewer window as a HUD (heads up display). They control the walking, running, setting, jumping and other animations by overriding the default animations. The AO’s contain little computer programs (scripts) to run the animations. The scripts add to the sim server load. Now the Emerald team has added a client side AO. Skills Hak added this feature. Running the script client side means less load on sim servers and frees up a HUD slot. Plus it expands the number of animations you can load. Scripts in SL have a size limit. Plus Linden Lab (LL) is considering limiting scripts in some way like they limit prims (think tier).

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Imprudence 1.2 Beta 2 Viewer Review

Second Life Viewers

Imprudence Viewer Desktop Logo

The newer Imprudence Viewer Beta is out. It works on Windows, Mac (OS X Intel) and Linux. This update has some major fixes for the previous Beta release. If you updated prior to 10/9 then you need to get a new download and uninstall and re-install.

Massively has posted an update on the Imprudence Viewer. Get the details there. See: Imprudence 1.2 Beta2 viewer for Second Life Also, check out the Imprudence Metaverse Viewer Blog.

Previous Imprudence Review Post: Imprudence Viewer 1.1.0 Review

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KirstenLee Cinquetti S-17 and S-18 (208 & 209) Viewer Review

KirstenLee Viewer Icon

KirstenLee Viewer Icon

This is a Second Life photographer’s dream viewer. I don’t use it for everyday use. But it is fast and has great visual features. As KirstenLee is changing things faster than most other viewer makers so this may be the least stable of the alternate Second Life® viewers. Others claim it is the most stable and needs the least CPU power. That just has not been my experience. Still, if you want that great shot of an area or model looking so sexy, this is your viewer.

Gwyneth Llewelyn wrote about viewers in June and felt the S-17 (198) viewer was simply great. See Pushing the Limits.

I did try it in a combat sim. Server lag, automatic weapons fire and all… it did pretty good. No locks ups and the FPS stayed over 10, which is great for a combat sim.

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Imprudence Viewer 1.1.0 Review

Second Life Viewers

Imprudence Logo

Update 10/12/2009

October 12, 2009 – Another Beta version has been released. See Imprudence 1.2 Beta 2 Viewer Review here for a link to more information.

Update 10/1/2009

A new Beta version 1.2 is of the Imprudence viewer is out. New World Notes has a good review of Beta version.

Original Imprudence Review

I have been hearing about this viewer. I decided to try it out in my ongoing quest for the best Second Life viewer. While looking for information I came across Gwyneth Llewelyn’s review of Imprudence (11m/25d/09y). It is an interesting read and covers much of the philosophy of the Imprudence developers, of which the sort summary is, they are developing a viewer for Second Life Power Users. Ok… sounds cool.

The Imprudence Viewer release notes tell one what is new and what is still a ‘known’ problem. I’ll give you the short version here.

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